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    • A Case Study 

      Keen, Nicholas (2014)
      “To the viewer, I offer my best and worst moments and a great deal of the mundane. Art is no finite concept, art is. It doesn’t start or end at any particular point, it exists on a continuum – it’s a matter of whether you ...
    • Celebrating Desire and Female Pleasure : A Party 

      Taylor-Havens, Sophie (2016)
      “Celebrating Desire and Female Pleasure: A Party is a participatory, social practice installation made up of five pieces that work together to bring attention to and celebrate desire and female pleasure through a positive ...
    • Cell 

      Masson, Scott Forrester (2001)
      The author describes the inspiration for a series of line drawings portraits of people on cell phones.
    • Cellular Distortion : Works in the Digital Arts 

      Bjornard, Kristian (2003)
      An installation of digital images inspired by the electronic devices that enslave us.
    • A Checklist of Drawings, Watercolors, and Lithographs by George Catlin and Karl Bodner now in the Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library, Chicago 

      Lange, Thomas (1971)
      The Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library in Chicago has 217 original drawings by George Catlin bound in two volumes, entitled by Catlin, "Souvenir of North American lndians". Although not listed in the public catalogue, ...
    • CHHAU : An Ethnographic Documentary 

      Gillstrom, Elizabeth (2007)
      The author describes the process of turning her experience with a West Bengal folkdance into a documentary film. Video available on campus.
    • Choose Your Own Vacation 

      Fisher, Joshua (2002)
      The author describes the evolution of his project from photographing popular travel destinations around the country to a presentation that has viewers select vacation destinations then experience a slide presentation and ...
    • Chthonic : Portraits of the Underworld 

      Koronkieiwcz, Amber (2019)
      My project was an exploration of myself, focusing on negative emotions. I did this through using the lenses of the rivers of the Greek Underworld. I painted five self portraits that each displayed a negative emotion ...
    • Circadian Habits 

      Busch, Leah (2005)
      The artist write, “The amount of light we are exposed to crucially affects our internal clocks. Our bodies respond to routine, forming habits and unconscious patterns. These life cycles construct the fractals of a modern ...
    • Co-coon(ing) 006 

      Scott-Meisel, Margo (2005)
      The author explores the question of “Why do we make art?” and how viewers interact with artwork through an installation/performance piece using gauze, felted fiber patches, steel tubing, light, and herself to create a ...
    • Collapsed Linear Borders 

      Koreman, Julia M. (2018)
      The artist writes "My Senior Individualized Project (SIP), entitled Collapsed Linear Borders , is a sculptural body of work that responds to the rationalized aesthetics of commonly used mathematical systems. After researching ...
    • A Collection of Days 

      Attaway, Meredith Elaine (2003)
      The author describes her project as a painted diary, an exhibit drawn from daily 18”x18” oil paintings depicting friends and events from January, February, and March 2003. She describes influences from Leonardo da Vinci, ...
    • Collection of Wounds 

      Gaunt, Lauren (2015)
      This paper details the artist's process in creating the series of seven acrylic paintings, Collection of. Wounds. The collection is a result of a personal fascination with skin and the human body. The artist uses photographs ...
    • Collections and Reflections: Paintings and Drawings 

      Nikolic, Milica (1979)
      The author describes the process of creating her senior collection of paintings and drawings.
    • Comfort Creatures 

      Reilly, Erin (2018)
      The artist writes "I began my art career as a drawer and did not see myself expanding much from there. However, as I pushed myself to try new things, I realized what really excited me was creating three-dimensional art. ...
    • Comments on Art and Drawing 

      Coil, Paula (1982)
      The author describes the inspiration of her senior collection of drawings from the statement by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. that artist's are society's "canary in the coal mine" to the condition of indigenous people in Guatemala.
    • A Commitment to Art 

      Clancy, Paul M. (1984)
      The author presents his senior collection of figure and still life drawings with a reflection on how he changed his major to art.
    • Compassion 

      Flores, Emily (2001)
      The author discusses the preparation of her senior art exhibit. In oil and charcoal she explores the basic needs of children for education, food, water, and shelter. She discusses the influence of Marisol Escobar.
    • Complexities in Simplicity : A Painting and Sculpture SIP 

      Gayde, Sarah Therese (2009)
      The artist writes “When I first began developing my ideas for this series, my focus was purely on color, design and pattern. What I thought was simple and straightforward was soon challenged. I was encouraged to explore ...
    • Compromise in the Face of Reality 

      Musilli, Nancy (1991)
      The author describes how her senior project changed from a collection of portraits to a collection of six portraits and 13 still life paintings.