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    • Bandaid for a Bullet Wound 

      Olson, Joana (2005)
      The paintings in Bandaid for a Bullet Wound are abstractions based on the visual disturbances and symptoms of migraines. Migraine sufferers usually experience a severe, pounding headache, nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to ...
    • Beauty as an Experience of Life 

      Heffernan, Moira (2005)
      Beauty as an Experience of Life is a faux museum exhibit that addresses the use of photography as a means of recording and preserving memories from our personal lives. It emphasizes the development of the Kodak Camera in ...
    • Before the Bunny : Shaping the Male Consumer in Early Issues of Playboy 

      Gavin, Charotte (2018)
      Playboy Magazine is a cultural sensation specific to American history that has generated a range of criticism and admiration from people of all ages and backgrounds as a result of the publication’s nude Playmate pictorials ...
    • Beloved: The Garden 

      Ramos, Mary Dawn Ponce (1996)
      Ten years ago, a young girl picked up a pencil. It was yellow and dull at the tip, but to this young girl it was something much more than a writing instrument. She saw stories aching to be written with this ordinary ...
    • Between Image/Text/Symbol 

      Gothard, Adam (2018)
      The author writes "In a series of six drawings, I examined the relationship of image, text, and symbol by emulating medieval European illuminated manuscripts, in which they mingled and conversed with one another. I worked ...
    • Black American Artists, Art, and Exhibitions and the White Art World in the 1920s and 30s 

      Mahone, Malikah Q. (2017)
      This research will focus on the writings of twentieth century black scholars, W.E.B Du Bois and Alaine Locke, who shaped the movement for the “New Negro” artist and placed Harlem as the center for the Negro Renaissance. ...
    • Black-Figure Pottery Throughout the Ages as Demonstrated by Four Vases from the Detroit Institute of Arts 

      Pursel, Jacquelyn (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College, 1998)
      In this paper, I will discuss Ancient Greek black-figure pottery throughout its stages by looking at examples from the Detroit Institute of Arts. I interned at the DIA this summer and looked at the vases carefully; this ...
    • Blench: A Collage of Ceramic Artwork 

      Bousquet, Katherine (1998)
      Through this paper I will discuss the original intentions underlying my Senior Project, as well as the development of both ideas and techniques, and finally difficulties which presented themselves during the work, and ...
    • Blue Sky, Red Earth : Portraits of Laverton 

      Askew, Alana (2002)
      The author describes the process of photographing the Wongatha Women of Northeastern Perth, Australia.
    • Body Language: Investigations in Anatomy through Idiomatic Language 

      Prophit, Maren (2019)
      My main objective in this project was to observe and explore the treatment of the human body through idiomatic language. Having developed perspectives in both the sciences and the fine arts, my own interests in the human ...
    • A Brief Biography and Chronological Analysis of the Works of Erwin Panofsky 

      Rarick, Holly M. (1983)
      I began this thesis because I wanted to spend my Senior Independent Project quarter reading all of Erwin Panofsky's works-a project that proved impossible. I feel that the most interesting aspect of this project has been ...
    • Bringing Children's Art into Nature : A Community Art SIP 

      Schaub, Jamie L. (2011)
      For the summer of 2011 I was an intern at Edison Environmental Science Academy in Kalamazoo, ML I helped facilitate a Garden Camp which took place two days a week at the garden outside the school, and two days a week at ...
    • Broken Dreams: A Visual Art SIP 

      Widman, Amber (2001)
      Broken Dreams contained nine pieces. It contained 3 stools, a magazine rack, a wooden plate, a lamp, a candlestick, a cup, and a mirror. For the SIP, I named the pieces (mostly for simplicities sake). The silver stool ...
    • Busstop and Other Stories in Oil 

      Roberts, Jean (1988)
      The author describes the process of creating a collection of oil paintings. (Slides not included)
    • The Byzantine Art of Mosaic 

      Anderson, Patricia Harris (1963)
      Before beginning on a paper of this nature, it is always necessary to make a few comments and statements of intention. First, since this is a paper on an entirely factual and noncontroversial subject, the information must ...
    • A Case Study 

      Keen, Nicholas (2014)
      “To the viewer, I offer my best and worst moments and a great deal of the mundane. Art is no finite concept, art is. It doesn’t start or end at any particular point, it exists on a continuum – it’s a matter of whether you ...
    • Celebrating Desire and Female Pleasure : A Party 

      Taylor-Havens, Sophie (2016)
      “Celebrating Desire and Female Pleasure: A Party is a participatory, social practice installation made up of five pieces that work together to bring attention to and celebrate desire and female pleasure through a positive ...
    • Cell 

      Masson, Scott Forrester (2001)
      The author describes the inspiration for a series of line drawings portraits of people on cell phones.
    • Cellular Distortion : Works in the Digital Arts 

      Bjornard, Kristian (2003)
      An installation of digital images inspired by the electronic devices that enslave us.
    • A Checklist of Drawings, Watercolors, and Lithographs by George Catlin and Karl Bodner now in the Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library, Chicago 

      Lange, Thomas (1971)
      The Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library in Chicago has 217 original drawings by George Catlin bound in two volumes, entitled by Catlin, "Souvenir of North American lndians". Although not listed in the public catalogue, ...