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  • Bob Flanagan and Robert Andy Coombs : The Reclamation of Disabled Sexuality through Art 

    Soderberg, Jack (2023-04-01)
    Disabled people have a long history of marginalization. Their bodies have been criticized, belittled, and even dehumanized for deviating from the normal, productive body. Dehumanization is often reflected in lack of access ...
  • Professional Practices 

    Qureshi, Aarzoo (2022-05-29)
    My spring gallery, Feral Feminism and Other Stories, begins where my English SIP (Senior Integrated Project), i’d kill a man for you, started. And that 60+ page monster started with a lot of pain. Emotional and physical ...
  • “Where is Life?” A Search for Existence in the Universe 

    Lopez, Lizbeth (2022-03-01)
    Conversations about life in space tend to revolve on intelligent life, often looking for civilizations that are equivalent or grander than humanity. This ableist concept is one that has been going around before there was ...
  • An Exploration of Geometric Space and Color 

    Bartley, Evelyn (2022-03-01)
    This Senior Individualized Project (SIP) narrative document contains a detailed description of the artistic procedures of the artist, Evelyn Bartley, during the process of creating seventeen acrylic paintings. While having ...
  • Chicago's West Side 

    Roman, Joshua (2022-03-01)
    My work for this installation revolves around the hood of Chicago in the neighborhood I grew up. I am inspired by moments in time, attempting to recreate feelings I cannot put to words in a surreal and gritty fashion. I ...
  • An Untitled Senior Individualized Project 

    Gandy, Kaitlin (2022-03-01)
    This paper details a series of paintings and drawings that explore the relationships between identity, disenfranchised grief, and abuse. Aimed to make viewers feel uncomfortable as they are often positioned as the viewer ...
  • the fate of a circle 

    Church, Maile (2022-05-31)
    My visual timeline functions as an exploration of language when spoken word cannot adequately relay one’s experience. Additionally, I hope to investigate distortions and shifting perceptions within the self. Each journal ...
  • Three-dimensional Illustration and Installation of Pollen Spores Represented through Ceramics 

    Sarelis, Mariah (2022-03-01)
    This series of works uses dimensionality, scale, and material to exaggerate a biologically important structure, pollen. Pollination in angiosperms is crucial to many food systems, including ours, as well as sustainability ...
  • The Confounded Cosmic 

    Ehman, Nathanael (2022-03-01)
    My most recent paintings have been based on my lifelong fascination with the cosmos and the hauntingly beautiful nature of this domain. Outer space stands in contrast with many of the comforts and securities we experience ...
  • Altering Perception : Exploring Texture, Form, Memory, and Color with Molds 

    Bogard, Rose (2022-03-01)
    Through my work with clay and plaster molds I investigated detailed surface texture, unique forms, glaze, and how perception of used objects can alter how the finished vessels are experienced. My research led me to examine ...
  • Self Portrait and Self Presentation : Exploring the Shape of Inner Self 

    Ma, Ruicong (2022-03-01)
    Self Portrait and Self Presentation concentred on Eastern and Western cultural blending and sojourner identity exploration, exploring the possibility of expressing the Eastern culture and artistic features by oil painting. ...
  • Geometry Within Infinity 

    McKeever, Syrus (2022-03-01)
    I started my college career majoring in physics, but soon changed to my passion of painting. I took my love for physics with me into my works, and started this series based on the complex idea of infinity. Infinity is the ...
  • You Can’t Change the Past 

    Menchaca, Zaydee (2022-03-01)
    “You Can’t Change the Past” is a collection of artwork about revisiting my own experiences with animal death and abuse. Over the course of 10 weeks, I gathered different stories from my friends and news outlets to really ...
  • Post-Production Objects : A Sculpture and Found Object SIP 

    Zawacki, Zoe (2022-03-01)
    This document contains a written narrative, artist statement, and image addendum of Zoë Zawacki’s Studio Art SIP. Her project explores the relationship between found object, sculpture, and built structure. Zawacki creates ...
  • Conformation : an Exploration in Shape, Surface, and Form 

    DelToro, Mattie (2020-06-01)
    In creating small collections of vessels through shape and texture, I hoped to make the connection of surface and form clearer to the viewer. As sometimes the body of a form can be lost in the attention to details of ...
  • SIP 

    Ramirez Quinones, Elionai (2020-06-01)
  • SIP 

    Greenstone, Miles (2020-06-01)
  • SIP 

    Zhang, Chi (2020-06-01)
    This project served as an exploration into the enigma that is memory and emotion. While my initial goal was to characterize what memory and emotion can be visualized as in the physical plane, it became a very personal and ...
  • Perverted Spaces 

    Andrews, Georgie (2020-06-01)
    Perverted Spaces began as an investigation of white privilege but evolved into a project of awareness of one’s own whiteness, and the social impact of this whiteness. Through trial and error, reading, researching, and ...
  • Together 

    Merritt, Noah (2021-06-01)
    “Together” represents human and non-human togetherness as it is perceived by myself, a biology major and a prospective ecologist. My deep appreciation of this togetherness prevents me from succumbing to the despair that ...

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