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    • Kalamazoo College Review (1974, No. 1) 

      Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College, 1974)
    • Kalamazoo College: A Foreign Study Scrapbook 

      Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College, 1980)
      From the cover: "Foreign study is a special option for Kalamazoo College students. Since 1958 the foreign study program has sent over 4000 students to 32 countries. The College maintains several foreign study centers ...
    • Light Scholars letters 

      Hinkle, Marilyn, 1922-2007; Dekema, Judith; Harlow, Linda; Helgeson, Susan; Lillie, John Howard; Lamb, Dennis; Fish, Elaine Alberta; Cummings, Barbara L.; Tomlinson, Nancy (1963)
      Selected letters from students to Dr. Richard U. Light, expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to study abroad.