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dc.contributor.authorKalamazoo College
dc.contributor.editorAistars, Zinta
dc.contributor.editorVanSweden, James
dc.description52 p. : ill.
dc.description.abstractFeatures: Returns Home (Diane Kiino ’74 and her daughter Morgan Swartz ’06 share a college, but not the same interests. That Kalamazoo College attracts both is the appeal of the liberal arts! Diane majored in chemistry, eventually earned her Ph.D. in pharmacology (Yale), and recently returned to her alma mater to direct its health sciences department. Morgan’s undergraduate focus is language: Spanish and Japanese - the latter, in part, because the family’s Japanese-American heritage. Mother and daughter’s confluence at Kalamazoo College has meant a return of sorts to their common headwaters in an earlier generation) / by Zinta Aistars -- Class of the Living Dead (Hooked on history from an early age, David Barclay knows that possession is nine-tenths of the successful teaching. “Possession” is the process of gradually inhabiting (and reanimating) the life of a person (or persons) in the past) / by Zinta Aistars -- The Business Applications of a Liberal Arts History Major (James Scott Taylor ’75 considers a liberal arts education the best possible training for owning and managing a business. It also plays a role in people working to improve their “little corners” of the world) / by Zinta Aistars -- Kalamazoo College is #1 in Study Abroad -- LuxEsto Update: Gov Scrum Revisited (Genna Gent and Rebecca Jarvis are opponents the political arena only) -- Complex Studies Visit (Terry Lautz, vice president and secretary of the Henry R. Luce Foundation visited Peter Erdi, the Henry R. Luce Professor of Complex Systems Studies at Kalamazoo College) -- Luce Scholar Breaks Barriers (Nicole Finneman won a Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship for Women in Science) -- Kalamazoo College One of the Best in First (“K” is an “Institution of Excellence in the First College Year”) -- National Academy of Sciences Member Visits Kalamazoo College (Bill DeGrado ’77 is the only graduate of Kalamazoo College elected to the NAS. “Even though I remembered ‘K’ as a place where the professors were committed to classroom teaching at a very high level, I was not prepared for the vitality of the current faculty and the extent to which they have active, competitive research programs. Few undergraduate institutions have integrated research into their degree programs as effectively as Kalamazoo College”) -- Liver Chemistry and Cancer (Our livers are alive with chemistry. Which reactions are related to cancer? Laura Furge and her Kalamazoo College students are searching for answers) -- Sports (Those Championship Seasons, Three Earn Honors, Fuchs Retires from Soccer, Stars Shine, Records Fall, 2003 Hornet Golf Outing) -- Discovery Externships Inspire Enthusiasm / by Marlo Farmerie-Pastore -- Library Expansion “Off and Running” -- The Shoolerys Endow Student Scholarship. Contributions by Jeff Palmer, Marlo Farmerie-Pastore, Lori Smoker.
dc.relation.ispartofKalamazoo College Alumni Magazine Collection
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVol. 64, No. 3
dc.rightsU.S. copyright laws protect this digital file. Commercial use or distribution of the file is not permitted without prior written permission of the copyright holder.
dc.titleLuxEsto (2003, Spring)en
dc.title.alternativeLux Esto

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