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dc.contributor.authorKlomp, Rachel Estelle
dc.description.abstractCultural Aspects of Chicano Community 1. Importance of Family • Support Networks For: Emotional Support (Uttal, 1999) For: Socioeconomic Marginality (Padilla, 1993) • Tend to have larger families than other groups, increasing kinship interaction (Padilla, 1993) 2. Traditional Gender Roles • Male: dominant, breadwinner / Female: self-sacrificing wife and mother • Today: weakened patriarchic dynamic, economic necessity for women to work (Thurston, 1998), gender still a determinant for family activities Demographics of Latinos in Education 1. Latino Population in US is increasing • Estimated to be 25% of K-12 population by 2005 (White House Initiative on Education Excellence for Hispanic Americans, 1994) 2. High School Dropout Rate • 2.5 times that of Black students, 3.5 times that of White students (Secada (Dir.), 1998)en
dc.titleA Model of Successful Chicano Scholarship Recipients on a Predominately White College Campusen

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