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dc.contributor.authorBolla, Cori
dc.description.abstractContracts exist everywhere in the world. They are by no means exclusive to organizations. For example, when you borrow $5 from a friend and make a promise to pay her back in a week, there is a verbal contract between the two of you. However, the most common types of contracts that people think of are those in organizations. I casually asked a friend what comes to mind when she hears the word “contract” and she replied, “a signed, legally-binding bit of paper between two people”. This is a typical response that most people would give. However, contracts are much more than that. Contracts can take on many different forms. In fact, they do not necessarily even have to be written contracts. Many forms of contracts in organizations today are not “legally-binding bits of paper” and recently much attention has been given to them. The contracts being referred to are called psychological contracten
dc.titlePsychological Contracts: Understanding Ideological Exchange and Currencies Using Semi-Structured Interviews with Cincinnati Zoo Employeesen

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