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dc.contributor.authorAverbuch, Gili
dc.description.abstractEvery eight seconds a woman is being battered in the United Sates; nearly four million women a year are injured as a result of domestic violence. (WINGS 2006). Domestic violence has become a way of life for many women, and it does not discriminate based on race, age or economic status. There are thousands of domestic violence shelters all across the world; unfortunately, there is such a great need for them. The staff at these domestic violence shelters must hear awful stories; everyday must be so hard, to constantly see the devastating results of domestic violence. Their passion and drive to help these women overcome their situation must be strong enough to make the other negative aspects seem minuscule. Feminism is a movement that aims at empowering women by showing them that they have a voice. Women helping women. For these staff members, is feminism the root of this motivation? This project explores what it is like to be a part of an all female staff at a domestic violence shelter. All eleven staff members of a domestic violence shelter in northern Chicago were interviewed for this particular purpose: to try to understand feminist theory and how it effects an all female staff at a domestic violence shelteren
dc.titleFeminist Theory and the Dynamic of an All Female Staff at a Domestic Violence Shelteren

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