Recent Submissions

  • Kappa Pi Pledges 

    Fischer, David (Kalamazoo College, 1956)
    Two first year students, Sue Lewis and Sue Setzekorn, wear paper hats as part of the pledge process to the Kappa Pi society. The photo was originally published in the 1957 Boiling Pot yearbook (p. 55).
  • Kalamazoo College Kappa Pi Society, 1914 

    Unknown (Kalamazoo College, 1914)
    The members of Kalamazoo College's Kappa Pi literary society, 1914. The women's literary society was founded in 1906 as a spin-off from the existing society for women, the Eurodelphians, because of increased enrollment. ...
  • Kalamazoo College Greek Weekend 

    Unknown (Kalamazoo College, 2009-08-28)
    Kalamazoo College students getting ready for a chariot race during "Greek Weekend." The event, held by the College's societies (Sherwoods, Philolexians and the Century Forum for men; Eurodelphians, Kappa Pi and Alpha Sigma ...
  • Kalamazoo College Kappa Pi Pageant, 1926 

    Unknown (Kalamazoo College, 1926-05)
    Kalamazoo College's Kappa Pi society pageant, May 15 or 16, 1926. In place of the Vaudeville show that the Kappas usually offered each year, a more serious production (referred to in the College newspaper as a dream masque) ...
  • Kalamazoo College Kappa Pi 1969 portrait 

    Unknown author (1969)
    Formal portrait photos of eighteen members of Kalamazoo College's Kappa Pi literary society in 1969 including president Jayne Aube, vice-president Wendy Buldoc, and secretary-treasurer Pat Johnson.
  • Kappa Pi, Greek Weekend 1968 

    Thoms, Susan Stuckey (1968)
    Kappa Pi, Greek Weekend 1968
  • Kappa Pi Society decoration for Homecoming, 1967 

    Thoms, Susan Stuckey (1967)
    The Kappa Pi decoration on the quad for Homecoming, 1967.