Katheryn (Edmonds) Rajnak was born on April 30, 1937 to J. Ronald and Hazel (Chandler) Edmonds. She graduated magna cum laude from Kalamazoo College in 1959. Having earned a National Science Foundation Scholarship and an honorary Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, she then pursued graduate work at the University of California. In 1967, Rajnak returned to Kalamazoo College to teach in the Physics Department, the first woman to teach in this department. She published numerous articles throughout her career and also worked on projects at the Argonne National Laboratory and the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. In addition to this, Rajnak invented a computer game called 9-Squares. She retired in 1997 and died on February 3, 2005.

Recent Submissions

  • 1986 Yale Visiting Scholar Lecture 

    Rajnak, Katheryn M., 1937-2005 (Kalamazoo College, 1986-10-01)
    A letter from Dr. Katheryn Rajnak, Executive Director of the Heyl Science Scholarship Fund, to recipients of the Heyl Scholarship inviting them to the Yale Visiting Scholar Lecture on October 27, 1986. Dr. Michael Heinekey ...
  • Katheryn Rajnak and Heyl Scholars 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1986-05)
    1986 Heyl Scholarship recipients Lynn Whitcomb and Ethan Segal speak with Dr. Katheryn Rajnak at the Heyl banquet. Dr. Rajnak was the director for the Heyl Scholarship program.
  • Honors Graduates, 1959 

    Bennett, Carl D. (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1959-06-08)
    Members of the Class of 1959 who graduated with honors (first row, left to right): Anne Colley, magna cum laude; John Agria and Nancy Tirrell, cum laude; Katheryn Edmonds, magna cum laude; and Mary Ann Wise, cum laude. ...
  • Katheryn Rajnak 25th Anniversary Celebration 

    Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo College, 1993)
    Katheryn Rajnak, an Associate Professor of Physics, holds her framed 25th anniversary citation at a celebration held in her honor in 1993.
  • 25th Anniversary Recognition: Katheryn Rajnak 

    Wright, Wayne M., 1934- (Kalamazoo College, 1993-03-04)
    In honor of Katheryn Rajnak's 25th anniversary of teaching at Kalamazoo College, fellow Physics professor Wayne Wright delivered a tribute. He wrote, "As a member of a poorly represented group within our discipline, Kathie ...
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    Allen, Scotty (1994-06)
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    Allen, Susan W. (1985-12)
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    Kalamazoo College; Kalamazoo College Alumni Association (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College, 1959-07)
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