Articles from the student newspaper The Index highlight the campus response to influenza in Kalamazoo and at the college in 1918. Reports periodically trickled in to the student newspaper of alumni and former students, most of them in service, who died from influenza but none of the on-campus students died.  At the time of the influenza outbreak in October 1918, the campus was under the direction of the War Department because there were men on campus who were part of the Student Army Training Corps.  While local schools and churches were closed by the Board of Health, the War Department did not close the college because it was crucial to continue training the men for the war effort.  The men were ordered not to leave campus (although there was a report of them going to a football game in the student newspaper) and visitors were restricted from campus.  All the while, the women continued their coursework.  Church services were held in the college chapel in Bowen Hall since students could not attend local church services.  Eventually, some students did become sick and the third floor of the men's dormitory was turned into an emergency hospital.  A nurse was hired to tend to those men stricken with influenza.  In November, some of the women students living in Ladies' Hall, the women's dormitory, became sick.  The Student Army Training Corps was disbanded after the armistice and in December the city ordered the college to close due to the influenza.  Classes resumed again in early January.