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    • 115 Catherine Street, Tornado Damage 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1980-05-13)
      A tree lays in the front yard of 115 Catherine Street in the aftermath of the 1980 Kalamazoo tornado.
    • Administration, Commission Respond to Incident 

      Farkas, Andrew (Kalamazoo College Index, 1998-10-07)
      A week and a half after an incident on Kalamazoo College’s campus involving a racist note and dorm room fire, the student newspaper updated the campus on the victim, the possibility of the SafeWalk program, and comments ...
    • Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes 

      Unknown author (1969-05-14)
      Minutes from the May 13, 1969 Administrative Committee meeting which discussed the demands made by the Black Student Organization (BSO) on May 12, 1969.
    • "AIDS Is Your Punishment" graffiti 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1986-06-01)
      Dewing Hall was vandalized with homophobic graffiti on June 1, 1986. This particular image shows "AIDS is your punishment!" written in chalk on a door. Other words were written above this but were smeared and are illegible. ...
    • American Library Association Circular Concerning the Student Army Training Corps 

      Putnam, Herbert (1918-11-01)
      This bulletin, published by the Library War Service division of the Library of Congress on November 1, 1918, addresses the American Library Association in response to providing services to the various Student Army Training ...
    • Answers to Questions Presented by the Black Student Organization 

      Hicks, Weimer K., 1909-1985 (1969-06-05)
      A memo from Kalamazoo College President Weimer K. Hicks responding to the Black Student Organization's demands regarding funds for the group, the Westab Program, recruitment of Black students, and the hiring of Black faculty ...
    • The Apache Dance 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1950-03)
      Two women in either redface or blackface dance together in the 1950 minstrel show, the Darktown Jamboree, at Kalamazoo College. An article in the March 27, 1950 issue of the Index referred to this act in the minstrel show ...
    • Application Materials for Field Artillery Central Officers Training School 

      Carter, A. H. (1918-08-01)
      This document contains three portions. (Pg. 1) This letter, written by Lieutenant Colonel A. H. Carter on August 1, 1918, outlines the instructions for applying to the Field Artillery Central Officers Training Camp, including ...
    • "Before You Go": Home Services Section of the American Red Cross Pamphlet 

      Unknown author (1918)
      This pamphlet, published by the Home Services Section of the American Red Cross, provides information for soldiers concerning their legal rights and the rights of their families while they are overseas. The pamphlet covers ...
    • "Being Campused Don't Spoil Our Good Times." 

      Moyle, Lydia Buttolph, 1893-1984 (Kalamazoo College, 1913-04-06)
      This image shows three women and three men on the grounds of the Kalamazoo College campus. The caption reads, “Being campused don’t spoil our good times. Sun. Apr 6, 1913.” The photo appears in the scrapbook of Lydia ...
    • Black Children Are Being Brainwashed? 

      Lumumba, Chokwe, 1947-2014 (formerly known as Taliaferro, Edwin Finley); Solomon, Clyde L. (1969)
      An information sheet distributed by the Information Committee of Kalamazoo College's Black Student Organization (BSO) in approx. 1969.
    • Black Lives Matter flyer, 2014 

      Unknown author (2014-11)
      This flyer was posted on campus by the student group Black Girls Rock! in November of 2014. In that year, the Black Lives Matter movement gained national attention as it protested the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, ...
    • Black Student Applications 

      Unknown author (1970)
      Statistics compiled at Kalamazoo College about the number of Black student applications for the 1968-69 and 1969-70 academic year.
    • The Black Student Organization 

      Unknown author (1981)
      A booklet prepared by Kalamazoo College's Black Student Organization (BSO) including the group's constitution, a brief history written by Professor Romeo Phillips, descriptions of activities sponsored by the organization, ...
    • The Black Student Organization of Kalamazoo College 

      Unknown author (1969)
      A booklet produced by the Higher Education Committee of Kalamazoo College's Black Student Organization (BSO) including photos and other details about members of the group.
    • Black Student Organization's Decision Regarding College's Official Reply 

      Unknown author (1968-05-09)
      The Black Student Organization's response to the official reply by Kalamazoo College President Weimer K. Hicks to their demands of May 6, 1968.
    • Black Student Residents in the Residence Halls... 

      Long, William G. (1969-02-03)
      The response from Kalamazoo College Dean of Student Affairs William G. Long to the memorandum from the Black Student Organization (BSO) regarding Black student residents in the residence halls and the hiring of Black ...
    • Black Students on Campus 

      Ambrose, W. Haydn, 1922-2014 (1968-10-28)
      A list compiled of the Black students on Kalamazoo College's campus in 1968.
    • BSO Admissions Program 

      Unknown author (1969)
      A document outlining plans for members of Kalamazoo College's Black Student Organization (BSO) to visit high schools and recruit students for admission to the college.
    • BSO Members Protest at Banquet 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1969-05)
      Two members of the Black Student Organization (BSO) stand at the podium during a banquet on campus. College president Weimer K. Hicks sits to the right of the podium. Members of the BSO sent a set of demands to the campus ...