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    • Building a Church Choir 

      Zudweg, David L. (1977)
      A practical manual outlining the roles of choir officers, the testing and training of choir members, and practice and performance rules and etiquette for choir members.
    • Survey of Nineteenth-Century Piano Literature 

      Boyack, Kathryn A. (1978)
      This project is a survey of the wealth of piano music from the 19th Century and the construction of a system to facilitate further investigation into the music of any one composer.
    • The Bagpipe Before 1600 : History, Origins, and Scholarship with Special Interest in Britain 

      Masera, Kym Lorraine (1980)
      The author traces the history of the entire family of bagpipes around the world before the ascendency of the modern Scottish bagpipes.
    • The Development of Pant Roles in Opera 

      Whitaker, Monica Anne Ray (1980)
      The development of the 'pant,' breeches,' or 'trouser' roles in opera reflects the changing attitudes of European society toward the castration of adolescent males. This paper surveys both prominent castrati and female ...
    • SIP 1980 

      Marquis, Rollin (1980)
      An original song cycle inspired by the process of creating the Senior Individualized Project at Kalamazoo College.
    • An Historical Study of Pitch Perception and Selected Studies on Ripple Noise Pitch Perception and Coloration 

      Horowitz, David Morris (1980)
      The author reviews several theories of pitch and then presents experiments in pitch discrimination and coloration using ripple noise.
    • Mozart, Sonata (K. 545) in C Major : A Transcription for Harp 

      Klobucher, Cindy (1981)
      A transcription from piano to harp with a discussion of the changes made in the score.
    • Adventures in Primitive Recording 

      Peterson, Larry Alan (1982)
      Eight rock songs composed, arranged and prepared for recording on four-track equipment. The recording process and elements of each composition are discussed.
    • A Study in Serbian Chant 

      Arsenovich, Melanie (1982)
      Discusses the history, theory, and sources of chant study focusing on the political, theological, and cultural context of the music and its performance.
    • The Piano Sonatas Opp. 109 and 110 : Psychological Influences in Beethoven's Late-Period Works 

      Wolf, Bryan J. (1982)
      The author uses the psychological theories of Erik Erikson and Sigmund Freud to show relationships between the creative output of the later period of the composer's career, represented by The Piano Sonata No. 30, Opus 109 ...
    • A Guide to the Priorities of Arts Management in Effecting a Successful Career 

      Smith, Sheila R. (1983)
      The author interviews the managers of four Lansing area arts organizations and incorporates management by objectives principles to present suggestions for job seekers, arts management leadership tasks, frequently encountered ...
    • Gilgamesh 

      Hasselwander, Thomas (1983)
      An original musical composition based on the Mesopotamian epic.
    • Nixon is a Maniac ; In the Stairwell ; Military Man 

      Saylor, John Mertens (1984)
      Three compositions that experiment with unusual scales, time signatures, and harmonic progressions. "Nixon is a Maniac" reflects feelings of resentment toward several college administrators. "Military Man" was conceived ...
    • A Guitar Recital 

      Allen, John E. (1984)
      Discusses the historical background of music presented in recital, including compositions by Sor, Cimarosa, Bach, Ponce, Villa-Lobos, and Carlevaro.
    • Musical Direction : The Threepenny Opera 

      Swaim, Tracy (1984)
      The author describes his experience as Musical Director for a college production of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill's Threepenny Opera and details the decisions made regarding instrumentation, as well as cuts and changes ...
    • Church Music and Pre-School Music Education : Relational and Technical Aspects 

      Allen, Katrina M. (1985)
      Summarizes the author's internship at Nativity Lutheran Church with a focus on the technical aspects of directing children's choirs and teaching basic musical principles to pre-school children.
    • Compositions for Piano 

      Severinac, Robert N. (1985)
      Four original compositions for piano.
    • A Study of Women in Popular Music 

      Kester, Valerie (1986)
      Reviews the status of women in both performance and production roles in popular music in Great Britain and The United States.
    • An Introduction to the Oboe : The Process of Reed-Making 

      Stafford, Ann Marie (1987)
      Reviews the history of the oboe and discusses the process of cutting and preparing reeds for the instrument.
    • Ideas 

      Buchanan, Laurin M. (1987)
      Two musical compositions inspired by the music of David Bowie, George Crumb, and Brian Eno and written for the Soundchaser keyboard.