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    • A Study in Serbian Chant 

      Arsenovich, Melanie (1982)
      Discusses the history, theory, and sources of chant study focusing on the political, theological, and cultural context of the music and its performance.
    • A Study of Choir Conducting with Dr. George Lynn 

      Reus, Kathleen (1988)
      Discusses the teachings of Dr. Williamson and Dr. Lynn, and applies them to a conducting analysis of Set Me as a Seal Upon Thine Heart by William Walton which was performed by the College Singers.
    • A Study of Women in Popular Music 

      Kester, Valerie (1986)
      Reviews the status of women in both performance and production roles in popular music in Great Britain and The United States.
    • Survey of Nineteenth-Century Piano Literature 

      Boyack, Kathryn A. (1978)
      This project is a survey of the wealth of piano music from the 19th Century and the construction of a system to facilitate further investigation into the music of any one composer.
    • Transcending Gender : Mezzo-Soprano Trouser Roles in Opera 

      Mollers, Gretchen (1999)
      In this paper, I argue that composers wrote the parts for women with a specific intent in mind, so that a listener/viewer wouldn't take the role at face value but would instead "read into" the role. In most instances, ...
    • Two Pieces for Percussion Ensemble 

      MacLean, Gordon (1992)
      An orginal composition featuring the inside of the piano used as a percussion instrument, electronically amplified water in a bowl, and a cymbal suspended on a timpani.
    • Using Music, Dance, and Theater in Gestalt Therapy : a Practitioner's Report 

      St. Clair, Judy (1973)
      What is Gestalt therapy and how can it be combined with music, theater, and dance for personal growth? I will answer this question by describing selected exercises which combine these arts and Gestalt ideas, relating my ...
    • "We Are Children Of Our God" : Directing a Church Choir For Children and Youth 

      Davison, Martha (1997)
      It is with enthusiasm that I prepare my SIP by teaching and directing the Children's and the Youth Choirs at Oakland Drive Church of Christ, in Portage, Michigan. On March 7, 1997 they will present a concert at Stetson ...
    • The World is Yours : SIP Album 

      Webb, Brandon D. (2020-04-12)
      An original album. Tracks: Bless You (Intro)- (feat. Philippe Orbe) -2:54 || Close to me -3:13 || Deep- (feat. Meech) -2:17u || Humble- (feat. TinTin) -3:41 || Inner Thoughts (feat. Roezart) -3:17 || KB -3:11 || Listen ...