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    • Research Into the Organ Literature of Four Contemporary German Composers 

      Rance, Patricia (1966-05-09)
      Analyzes the work of four German composers, Joseph Ahrens, Kurt Hessenberg, Ernst Pepping, and Hermann Schroeder who survived the World War II to continue the traditions of German sacred music.
    • Rock and Roll, Detroit Style 

      White, Norbert (1988-03-20)
      The author interviewed six emerging rock bands in the Detroit area and describes their musical influences, song selection and songwriting, as well as the challenges of the business in a competitive market.
    • “Sailing Seas Depends on the Helmsman” : Songs of the Cultural Revolution in China 

      Shin, Geon-Ah (2016)
      This paper examines how music was utilized as a political tool during the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1976) by analyzing musical compositions from three different time periods: pre Cultural Revolution, early years ...
    • Senior Voice Recital : Jenna Hunt, Mezzo Soprano 

      Hunt, Jenna R. (2013-03-09)
      Program for the voice recital of mezzo soprano Jenna Hunt, accompanied by Jack Brooks on Saturday, March 9, 2013 in Stetson Chapel at Kalamazoo College. Recital program is available to the public, but audio files are ...
    • Senior Voice Recital, May 13, 1994 

      Mast, Amy M. (1994)
      Essay, program notes, and program for a Senior Recital by Amy Mast, mezzo-soprano, and Matthew Robey, piano, given on Sunday, May 15, 1994 in the Kalamazoo College Light Recital Hall.
    • SIP 1980 

      Marquis, Rollin (1980)
      An original song cycle inspired by the process of creating the Senior Individualized Project at Kalamazoo College.
    • SIP Piano Recital 

      Sherman, Jenna (2020-05-31)
      Program | Three Preludes for Piano--George Gershwin I. Allegro ben ritmato e deciso II. Andante con moto e poco rubato III. Allegro ben ritmato e deciso | The Demon Barber (after "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" from ...
    • Sons of Adam: An A Cappella Experience 

      Bower, Adam (1995)
      This SIP in its conception, was a performance music SIP. Therefore, the accompanying compact disc, Sons of Adam: Adam's Creation, is the finished product that represents a quarter's worth of work on this project. The ...
    • Spanish Popular Music in the Collegiate: A Cappella Style 

      Powe, Kaitlin M. (2010)
      In my Senior Individualized Project (SIP), I take music from another culture and arrange it in the collegiate a cappella style, which is a "musical practice that uses certain techniques in order for the vocal-only ...
    • A Study in Serbian Chant 

      Arsenovich, Melanie (1982)
      Discusses the history, theory, and sources of chant study focusing on the political, theological, and cultural context of the music and its performance.
    • A Study of Choir Conducting with Dr. George Lynn 

      Reus, Kathleen (1988)
      Discusses the teachings of Dr. Williamson and Dr. Lynn, and applies them to a conducting analysis of Set Me as a Seal Upon Thine Heart by William Walton which was performed by the College Singers.
    • A Study of Women in Popular Music 

      Kester, Valerie (1986)
      Reviews the status of women in both performance and production roles in popular music in Great Britain and The United States.
    • Survey of Nineteenth-Century Piano Literature 

      Boyack, Kathryn A. (1978)
      This project is a survey of the wealth of piano music from the 19th Century and the construction of a system to facilitate further investigation into the music of any one composer.
    • Transcending Gender : Mezzo-Soprano Trouser Roles in Opera 

      Mollers, Gretchen (1999)
      In this paper, I argue that composers wrote the parts for women with a specific intent in mind, so that a listener/viewer wouldn't take the role at face value but would instead "read into" the role. In most instances, ...
    • Two Pieces for Percussion Ensemble 

      MacLean, Gordon (1992)
      An orginal composition featuring the inside of the piano used as a percussion instrument, electronically amplified water in a bowl, and a cymbal suspended on a timpani.
    • Using Music, Dance, and Theater in Gestalt Therapy : a Practitioner's Report 

      St. Clair, Judy (1973)
      What is Gestalt therapy and how can it be combined with music, theater, and dance for personal growth? I will answer this question by describing selected exercises which combine these arts and Gestalt ideas, relating my ...
    • "We Are Children Of Our God" : Directing a Church Choir For Children and Youth 

      Davison, Martha (1997)
      It is with enthusiasm that I prepare my SIP by teaching and directing the Children's and the Youth Choirs at Oakland Drive Church of Christ, in Portage, Michigan. On March 7, 1997 they will present a concert at Stetson ...
    • The World is Yours : SIP Album 

      Webb, Brandon D. (2020-04-12)
      An original album. Tracks: Bless You (Intro)- (feat. Philippe Orbe) -2:54 || Close to me -3:13 || Deep- (feat. Meech) -2:17u || Humble- (feat. TinTin) -3:41 || Inner Thoughts (feat. Roezart) -3:17 || KB -3:11 || Listen ...