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    • A Detailed Study of Piano Performance 

      Mueller, Michael L. (1974)
      The author compiles a theory of piano performance to guide future students that is divided into three components: technique, practicing, and memorization.
    • The Development of an Instrumental Style of Musical Composition during the Renaissance 

      Andrews, David W. (Kalamazoo College., 1964-01-01)
      The paper discusses the origin and development of four basic methods of instrumental music composition during the Renaissance: vocal transcription, dance music, improvisation, and theme with variation.
    • The Development of Pant Roles in Opera 

      Whitaker, Monica Anne Ray (1980)
      The development of the 'pant,' breeches,' or 'trouser' roles in opera reflects the changing attitudes of European society toward the castration of adolescent males. This paper surveys both prominent castrati and female ...
    • The Evening Redness 

      Catlin, Andrew J. (2009)
      Intro (1:00) -- Land (5:18) -- Sky (4:20) -- Mountains (10:32) -- Grave of Day (3:16) -- The Evening Redness (1:42) -- Panorama of Stars (2:40)
    • An Exposition of the Musical-Sociological Theories of Theodor W. Adorno 

      Foxworthy, Deanna (1993)
      Reviews the theories presented in Adorno's "Introduction to the Sociology of Music," including : a typology of listeners ranging from the expert to those for whom music is entertainment; a comparison of popular music and ...
    • Family: for Soprano and String Orchestra 

      Krueger, Richard R. (1964)
    • Five Songs : A Short Story for Tenor and Piano 

      Lipke, Aaron (1997)
      Performance Notes: Perform this piece continuously. without stopping between movements. If it is necessary to stop between movements, double bars mark the endings of each song. Watch for special directions for pausing ...
    • Flexural Horns 

      Cruikshank, Donald B. Jr. (1963)
      This paper is divided into three main sections. The first is a theoretical approach to flexural waves in the defined horns. Although the major emphasis has been placed on the normal flexural modes of a specific flexural ...
    • The Fundamentals of Flute Acoustics 

      Burdell, Linda (1975)
      Describes the acoustics of the instrument, including the properties of sound waves, the sound initiator, intonation, efficiency, and harmonics.
    • Gilgamesh 

      Hasselwander, Thomas (1983)
      An original musical composition based on the Mesopotamian epic.
    • The Grand Illusion: Opers; Its Form and Musico-Theatrical Conventions and Their Relationship with Examples from Three Faustion Operas 

      House, Michael (1974)
      The central thrust of my study has been to understand how music serves the theatrical event. In doing so I have been able to expand my opinion of theatre. I have learned to appreciate Theodore Shank's study The Art of ...
    • A Guide to the Priorities of Arts Management in Effecting a Successful Career 

      Smith, Sheila R. (1983)
      The author interviews the managers of four Lansing area arts organizations and incorporates management by objectives principles to present suggestions for job seekers, arts management leadership tasks, frequently encountered ...
    • A Guitar Recital 

      Allen, John E. (1984)
      Discusses the historical background of music presented in recital, including compositions by Sor, Cimarosa, Bach, Ponce, Villa-Lobos, and Carlevaro.
    • An Historical Study of Pitch Perception and Selected Studies on Ripple Noise Pitch Perception and Coloration 

      Horowitz, David Morris (1980)
      The author reviews several theories of pitch and then presents experiments in pitch discrimination and coloration using ripple noise.
    • How Does Music Mean? Music in Relation to Language and the Use of a Philosophy for the Musician 

      Dougherty, Michael P. (1993)
      The author uses the model of language as a communication device to construct a model for how music conveys meaning from composer to listener.
    • How to Become a Piano Teacher in 22,176 Easy Lessons 

      Day, Nancy Jean (1969)
      A note of explanation is necessary concerning the title of this paper. It is my premise that one cannot begin to consider oneself a piano teacher, unless and until one i8 involved in the process. When a teacher has given ...
    • Ideas 

      Buchanan, Laurin M. (1987)
      Two musical compositions inspired by the music of David Bowie, George Crumb, and Brian Eno and written for the Soundchaser keyboard.
    • An Introduction to the Oboe : The Process of Reed-Making 

      Stafford, Ann Marie (1987)
      Reviews the history of the oboe and discusses the process of cutting and preparing reeds for the instrument.
    • Is Jazz Dead? ( or has it changed its dress) 

      Felber, Garrett (2007)
      In this essay, I will first historicize jazz within a paradoxical American identity which sees itself embodied by both a broad common culture and fierce individualism. Jazz, as a participant in this paradox, is described ...
    • Jubilate 

      Cooper, Russell (1988)
      A musical setting of Psalm 117 and 138 for choir, handbells, piano, trumpet, trombone, and drums. Sung in English. Recorded May 27, 1988 at Friday Chapel service, Stetson Chapel, Kalamazoo College. Recording from cassette ...