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    • Bach Organ Works 

      Gustafson, Bruce Lester (1967)
      Discusses the style, history, and interpretation of the Bach organ works performed by the author. Includes a program for the recital at Stetson Chapel performed by the author on Sunday, January 8, 1967.
    • The Bagpipe Before 1600 : History, Origins, and Scholarship with Special Interest in Britain 

      Masera, Kym Lorraine (1980)
      The author traces the history of the entire family of bagpipes around the world before the ascendency of the modern Scottish bagpipes.
    • Building a Church Choir 

      Zudweg, David L. (1977)
      A practical manual outlining the roles of choir officers, the testing and training of choir members, and practice and performance rules and etiquette for choir members.
    • Bus Stop Change : an Analysis of Composition, Recording, and Performance in a Modern Work 

      Vasas, Michael R. (2004-03-15)
      When I set out to create this Senior Individualized Project, it was filled with aspirations and challenges. My plan was not only to present a work ofartistic merit, but also to present a work that was summative ofmy ...
    • A Business Strategy for Independent Record Labels in 2019 

      Thomas, Josiah M. (2019-11-22)
      This Hip Hop business strategy includes situational analysis, case studies, a marketing plan, and operational plan. The other concludes with ten important lessons learned in the process: 1. If I am going to be an entrepreneur ...
    • Church Music and Pre-School Music Education : Relational and Technical Aspects 

      Allen, Katrina M. (1985)
      Summarizes the author's internship at Nativity Lutheran Church with a focus on the technical aspects of directing children's choirs and teaching basic musical principles to pre-school children.
    • The Clarinet Works of Johannes Brahms 

      Coon, Judith Arlene (1967)
      Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) wrote four works especially for the clarinet and became the first master musician since Carl Maria von Weber to really concentrate his energies on the instrument. Like Weber and Mozart before ...
    • Compositions for Piano 

      Severinac, Robert N. (1985)
      Four original compositions for piano.
    • Concerto for Ten Wind Instruments 

      Lewis, Merwin Donald (1967)
    • Contemplation / Celebration : Soprano Solo and Chorus 

      Holvik, Karen M. (1976)
      A vocal solo with four-part chorus.
    • A Creative Senior Individualized Project of Jazz Compositions 

      Jones, Darrell Amani (1995)
      The composer discusses the process of composing, rehearsing, and performing a program of four original compositions for a five piece jazz combo led by the composer on saxophone.
    • A Critical History of Jazz in the 1950s 

      Lawther, John C. (1993)
      Describes the movement in the 1950s away from the earlier jazz forms of Swing and Be-Bop to Cool-Bop and then Hard-Bop, focusing on central figures Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Gerry Mulligan, The Modern Jazz Quartet, ...
    • A Detailed Study of Piano Performance 

      Mueller, Michael L. (1974)
      The author compiles a theory of piano performance to guide future students that is divided into three components: technique, practicing, and memorization.
    • The Development of an Instrumental Style of Musical Composition during the Renaissance 

      Andrews, David W. (Kalamazoo College., 1964-01-01)
      The paper discusses the origin and development of four basic methods of instrumental music composition during the Renaissance: vocal transcription, dance music, improvisation, and theme with variation.
    • The Development of Pant Roles in Opera 

      Whitaker, Monica Anne Ray (1980)
      The development of the 'pant,' breeches,' or 'trouser' roles in opera reflects the changing attitudes of European society toward the castration of adolescent males. This paper surveys both prominent castrati and female ...
    • The Evening Redness 

      Catlin, Andrew J. (2009)
      Intro (1:00) -- Land (5:18) -- Sky (4:20) -- Mountains (10:32) -- Grave of Day (3:16) -- The Evening Redness (1:42) -- Panorama of Stars (2:40)
    • An Exposition of the Musical-Sociological Theories of Theodor W. Adorno 

      Foxworthy, Deanna (1993)
      Reviews the theories presented in Adorno's "Introduction to the Sociology of Music," including : a typology of listeners ranging from the expert to those for whom music is entertainment; a comparison of popular music and ...
    • Family: for Soprano and String Orchestra 

      Krueger, Richard R. (1964)
    • Five Songs : A Short Story for Tenor and Piano 

      Lipke, Aaron (1997)
      Performance Notes: Perform this piece continuously. without stopping between movements. If it is necessary to stop between movements, double bars mark the endings of each song. Watch for special directions for pausing ...
    • Flexural Horns 

      Cruikshank, Donald B. Jr. (1963)
      This paper is divided into three main sections. The first is a theoretical approach to flexural waves in the defined horns. Although the major emphasis has been placed on the normal flexural modes of a specific flexural ...