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    • A Gift of Vision: A Study in the Mythology of William Butler Yeats 

      Wendelken, Carolyn (1963)
      If it were possible, I would like to crawl into the mind of William Butler Yeats end trace with him the history of the myth. Although we cannot become Yeats, we can, through his poetry, look at the long history of the ...
    • Glass Slippers and the Power of Transformative Storytelling 

      House, Addissyn (2022-03-01)
      I set out to write a poetry chapbook that perhaps included an essay or two tying the poems together in a way that only prose can. I wanted to explore sex: the lessons we learn about it, the euphemisms we use for it, the ...
    • The Glorious Creation of Mini Cooter 

      Staudenmaier, Rebecca (2012)
      Poems exploring drag culture in Ohio and beyond.
    • Going Back 300 Years and Moving Forward 

      Reiter, Elizabeth (1999)
      One of the intents of this project was to create a rounded illustration of the town and surrounding area of Exeter, New Hampshire. It is a town that has many interesting themes, including its historical significance as ...
    • going into battle wearing sari : defining nepali womanhood one poem at a time 

      Dahal, Mansi (2020)
      The author describes the inspiration for her collection of poem:, “for my Senior Individualized Project (SIP), I reached out to five Nepali women writers, Bartika Eam Rai, Bhrikuti Rai, Shradha Ghale, Ujjwala Maharjan and ...
    • Gracias A La Vida : Reflections of a Mexican-American Woman from Detroit 

      Zuniga, Juanita (2020-03-01)
      The stories I reminisce about in this SIP have significant meaning to me. They are brief but powerful. They are moments and times in my life that define me and allow my younger self to understand I was never alone in this ...
    • Graffiti 

      Demko, David (1983)
      Many poems in this collection are set in Spain, but not all of these were written there. Furthermore, some of the poems I wrote over there have nothing to do with Spain. I will leave the identification of my "Madrid ...
    • A Grain of Salt Sits: A Collection of Poetry 

      Calcagno, Cristina Anne (2001)
    • Grassroots Anathema 

      Sanford, Myles D. (2011)
      As a result of my K-College education in Anthropology and English (specifically Creative Nonfiction and Narrative Journalism) as well as certain inspiring texts and films – Ted Conover’s article, “The Road Is Very Unfair: ...
    • The Great Celery City 

      Bertucco, Sisanne Margaret (2002)
      The Great Celery City is a story about Henry Twinkle, a boy who found out an unusual aspect of the history of his hometown. This is a book written for, but not exclusive to, fourth through sixth graders. It is a story ...
    • The Greatest Promise 

      Kamen, Lindsey (2012)
      In introducing his original series of memoirs, the author writes that “while college has given me an important academic understanding of the world, more importantly, it has helped me to understand myself in relation to the ...
    • The Green and the Black; 24 Poems 

      Macak, Dave (1986)
    • Greenwormsong 

      Gale, Christopher Clark (1992)
      A collection of original poems.
    • "Gripsholm Castle" : A Translation of "Schloss Gripsholm" by Kurt Tucholsky 

      Wilke, Alfred (1973)
      An original translation of German-Jewish journalist, satirist, and writer Kurt Tucholsky's last book, written in 1931 while in exile in Sweden shortly before his apparent suicide.
    • Growing Up American 

      Pursel, Misty (2003)
      The shape I have tried to give my SIP follows the coming of my great grandmother's family to America, a few small incidents in her life and some very difficult moments in which she had to question her identity and sense ...
    • Growing Up with Northport 

      Hammersley, Carla Anne (1980)
      The village of Northport is found at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula in northern lower Michigan. It lies on the sparkling waters of Grand Traverse Bay surrounded by rolling forested hills, trimmed with sandy ...
    • Growth 

      Dow, Amanda (2022-02-01)
      The author’s collection of creative nonfiction combines her love of writing and biology. She writes “I decided to attempt this idea that had been just an idea for a very long time. I called what I was going to write ‘a ...