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    • J.D. Salinger: In the Tradition of William Faulkner? 

      Boylan, Dan (1965)
      This paper is an attempt -- perhaps an audacious one -- to show the 1nfluence of William Faulkner in the writ1ng of J.D. Salinger. It is based on the reading of the primary works of the two men, but I have also used a ...
    • Jalmukgaessimneeda : Korean Foods, History, and Eating Culture 

      Park, Boemin (2020-04-01)
      During my summer in Korea, I kept a detailed journal about my meals and the various experiences I had regarding family and foods. From the start, there were some specific memories that I considered as potential stories for ...
    • James Agee: A Study of His Philosophy of Living and a Characterization of Style in His Prose Works 

      Kountoupes, Sam G. (1964-06)
      This paper is a result of an interest developed in James Agee late one night in the summer of 1963, when my good friend and fellow-student D. James Morrice introduced me to Agee by reading some of the powerful and ...
    • Janie and Selected Poems 

      Marks, Corey (1992)
      A novella and a collection of poetry.
    • Jazz Writing and the Beat Generation: The Intersection of Music and Literature 

      Gilchrist, Thomas (2010)
      The writing of American Beat Generation writers of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s such as Jack Kerouac were heavily influenced by the rhythms, character, and phrasings of bebop jazz of musicians such as Charlie Parker and Dizzy ...
    • Jephthah's Daughter 

      Frank, Caitlen E. (2007)
    • Jesse 

      Waldmeir, John (1981)
    • John Donne: The Holy Sonnets 

      Hammond, David (1971)
      Tracing only the ideas and images found to be interesting or peculiar. I have make little attempt to completely explicate any one of the nineteen sonnets under consideration, The approach varies with the poem: occasionally ...
    • John Steinbeck's Predatory America : Human as Hunter and Hunted 

      Porter, Elizabeth (2008)
      According to the author, "Steinbeck launches a two-fold argument in The Grapes of Wrath, Cannery Row, and Tortialla Flat. What is fundamentally human is also fundamentally animal, and what is prescribed for a just society, ...
    • John Stuart Mill, George Eliot, and the Sovereignty of the Mind 

      Fischer, Karen S. (1990)
      In this SIP, I have attempted to focus on several intersecting issues which Mill and Eliot address in their respective works. Chapter one discusses aspects of culture, such as knowledge, education, and the expression ...
    • John Updike: A Bibliography 

      Tom, Susan (1976)
      Research for an undergraduate thesis revealed the need for a definitive bibliography of the works of John Updike. Although Mr. Updike in a relatively short career has excited considerable critical controversy, no one ...
    • A Journal 

      Stack, Charles (1976)
    • A Journalistic Look at Life as Found in Downtown Kalamazoo 

      Furlong, Mark (1982)
      This is a collection of stories about downtown Kalamazoo and the people who live and work there as they were observed and interviewed between September and December 1982. Names have been changed to protect anonymity ...
    • Journalistic Prose in a Corporate Setting 

      Beckwith, Corinne (Cori) (1985)
      As an English major with an extensive background in newspaper journalism, I chose an internship in corporate communications for my Senior Individualized project primarily because I wanted to explore the other, less objective ...
    • The Journey : Life and Times of Brandon Scarber 

      Scarber, Brandon (2008)
      A collection of original poetry.
    • Journey into a Crisis : the Making of an AIDS Volunteer 

      Scruggs, Alison D. (1991)
      The author chronicles her experiences as a volunteer at Wellness House, a non-profit organization that provides housing and support services for people with HIV in Detroit, Michigan.
    • Journeys of Discovery: Narrative of a SIP in Sierra Leone 

      Olds, Sonya Renée (1994)
      This Senior Individualized Project is the revised narrative of my experiences in Europe, Africa and Kalamazoo College during the period June 1992-the present. This time period includes my Junior year Foreign Study ...
    • The Joy of Editing 

      Lacey, Kenneth E. (1980)
      The following is a journal detailing the activities, thoughts and ideas of Kenneth E. Lacey as he worked during the Fall 1980 quarter at the Independent Business Association in Kalamazoo. The experience as recorded ...
    • Joy of Living 

      Demko, David (1984)
      This book is less unified (I almost said "less homogenous") than Graffiti. That's as it should be • Graffiti was an intense project, intended from the beginning to hang together. The idea of this book, in contrast,is ...