This collection includes Senior Integrated Projects (SIP's, formerly known as Senior Individualized Projects) completed in the English Department. Abstracts are generally available to the public, but PDF files are available only to current Kalamazoo College students, faculty, and staff. If you are not a current K College student, faculty, or staff member, email us at to request access to this material.

Recent Submissions

  • Ill-Fire 

    Dobreff, Savannah (2022-03-01)
    The author introduces an original collection of poems by reflecting on the K experience and influential poems, and writes ”My SIP in its current state is a different creature than what I imagined and envisioned it would ...
  • Is Public Education Worth Saving? 

    Crabbs, Haley (2022-03-01)
    The author writes about the teachers that inspired her, including her parents, reviews the birth of public education in America, the state of public education today, and how it has been affected by political reforms, the ...
  • “Coils, Garden Guerrillas, and Purple Space Suits” : Recentering Black Stories and Knowledge Through Community Gardening for the Future of Humanity 

    Permelia, Nionni Kendel (2022-03-01)
    The author uses essays, short stories, and poetry to reflect on food justice, black communities, and the future. Section one is anchored to the science fiction essay: “Community Gardens meet ZORA zr7.” The poems and short ...
  • Art as We Know It 

    Fergusson, Emma (2022-03-01)
    In an original video documentary, three student artists share their creative process and reflect on the art school experience during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Kalamazoo College performance artist Rebecca Chan, Western Michigan ...
  • The Very Hairs on My Head Are Numbered 

    Townley, Jonathan (2022-03-01)
    There is no writer who could possibly have had a bigger impact on me than my mother, Rev. Alice Fleming Townley. It was through a series of eulogies Mom gave this summer, I realized the central theme of my essays: love. ...
  • Blurring the Divide : The Role the Internet and the Surge of Online Magazines Have Played in Conflating Matters of Academia and Popular Culture 

    Silverman, Samantha (2022-03-01)
    The central focus of my SIP—the blurring of the divide between academia and pop culture—was largely influenced by my own scholarly interests and internship experiences. Since a sole focus on pop culture would not adequately ...
  • The Field : Sublime Objects 

    Palmer, Evan (2022-01-01)
    An original collection of poems on the theme of personal identity and persistence of the self through time.
  • Diversity in Love: Defining Love and Sharing the Medlies of Love 

    Hudgins-Lopez, Micah (2022)
    Even though love is a universal idea, the world sees it through a prominent view, the western view. The western view romanticizes love. Other cultures around the world rely on marriage or love for stability, safety, ...
  • See You, See Me: a set of stories 

    Chaidez, Jessica M. (2022)
  • Glass Slippers and the Power of Transformative Storytelling 

    House, Addissyn (2022-03-01)
    I set out to write a poetry chapbook that perhaps included an essay or two tying the poems together in a way that only prose can. I wanted to explore sex: the lessons we learn about it, the euphemisms we use for it, the ...
  • This Composting Body 

    Gabriel, Riley (2021-06-01)
    The author introduces an original collection of poems by reflecting on the process: "The most visible choice I have made in this collection comes in the form of the poems themselves where I have often written in free verse ...
  • “A Time to be Silent, and a Time to Speak” : Finding my Voice in the Volatile World of my Religious Childhood 

    Quist, Natalie (2021-06-01)
    The author presents an original piece of creative nonfiction in six chapters that revisits her childhood in the Christian Reformed Church and Christian schools. “In telling my story, it is my goal to explore both the ...
  • Tones of Gray : A Collection of Short Stories 

    Hobrecht, Alexandra (2021-06-01)
    The author writes about her collection of six original short stories: “the variety of these stories is purposeful, to a certain extent, because I wanted my SIP to reflect the range of writing I have absorbed in my time at ...
  • Babysitting Myself : a Short Story Collection 

    Wilms, Clay (2021-06-01)
    The author presents a collection of six original short stories inspired by classic Hollywood movies.
  • Growth 

    Dow, Amanda (2022-02-01)
    The author’s collection of creative nonfiction combines her love of writing and biology. She writes “I decided to attempt this idea that had been just an idea for a very long time. I called what I was going to write ‘a ...
  • Home to Me : A Personal Exploration of the Definition of Home 

    Klinger, Allison (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College, 2022-01-07)
    The author presents an original work of creative nonfiction in four parts reflecting on the changing meaning of “home" through her parents' separation, inspired by the novel "Make Your Home Among Strangers" by Jennine Capó Crucet.
  • The Spire 

    Barker, Elijah Keller (2021-06-01)
    The author introduces the development of his original work of fantasy in the tradition of J. R. R. Tolkien and George R. R. Martin.
  • Harry Potter and the Recreation of Classist Educational Structures 

    Theiss, Emma Paige (2021-06-01)
    Harry Potter has long been a worldwide phenomenon, a series that has lead children’s literature for decades and that has changed fandoms and pop culture as we once knew them for good. It has its reach in more parts of our ...
  • Bloom : On Belief and Apple Trees 

    Fournier, Talea (2021-06-01)
    The author explains the evolution and context for her original creative essays.
  • Reaching Beyond Resilience A Collection of Essays in Response to The Sober Enterprise 

    Sweeney, Savannah (2021-06-01)
    Though this is ultimately a creative writing project, I wanted my SIP to encompass all three of my areas of study here at K: English, Psychology, and Art. Through my time here, I’ve found that these disciplines are not ...

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