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  • Newspaper Internship Report with Selected Journalistic Efforts 

    Lashbrook, Brenda (1971)
    For twelve weeks during the period between September 21 and December 19, 1970 I was employed in the newsroom of the Holland Evening Sentinel of Holland, Michigan. The work that I did was to be submitted as my Senior ...
  • A Newsworthy Summer in Middle Tennessee 

    Garfield, Roger (2006)
  • Night Crew at the A&P and Other Stories 

    Hanson, John H. (1979)
    The stories which follow are the selected products of a long quarter of creative writing.
  • The Night Shift 612 ( 

    Kane, Margaret C. (Maggie) (2013)
    The author describes the process of developing, researching, recording, and editing a series of radio features on late-night workers in her hometown of Minneapolis, MN, inspired by Studs Terkel's book Working and NPR radio ...
  • A Nightly Encounter (and other short stories) 

    Smith, Sally Ann (1986)
  • The Nightmare Song; A Poetry SIP 

    Baillie, Margaret G. (Maggie) (2011)
    In the first section of my SIP, dream space and ideas of loss are explored through the lens of both real and imagined situations. These poems are static moments in dynamic time; specific and detailed snapshots in the ...
  • Nights: The Sleepless Type 

    Craig, Johnathan (2011)
  • No Coward Soul: An Original Screenplay 

    LaBeau, Sarah (2001)
  • No Cure 

    Leatherer, Arianna O'Malley (2017)
  • No Cure 

    Letherer, Arianna O'Malley (2017)
    The author combines her experiences volunteering in a hospital, interning in a cancer research center with her own grandfather's cancer diagnosis to create a collection of original poems.
  • No Lighthouse: Poems 

    Grabowski, Kimberly (2012)
    I set out to write this SIP as a combination of criticism based on Sylvia Plath's Ariel alongside my own poems. I read and reread Ariel countless times over the summer, but my impulses told me that I needed to give myself ...
  • No Native Grounds for a Native Son? 

    Yaple, Henry Mack (Kalamazoo College., 1963-05-01)
    The paper studies the conflict in the racial and artistic responsibilities of the contemporary author James Baldwin, proceeding through an analysis of the causes of the conflict, an indication of the manifestations of the ...
  • No Outlet: A Collection of Short Fictions 

    Stewart, John M. (1982)
  • Nocturnus 

    Houghton, Keely Joy (2008)
    A fantasy novel inspired by music and the writing of J. R. R. Tolkien, Garth Nix, and Philip Pullman.
  • None Without Water 

    Vaught, Kaia Lynn (2003)
  • Nonsense on Stilts 

    Piebenga, Mark (2002)
  • Norman Mailer and The Novel of Social Concern 

    Latteier, James Lockett (1967)
    Mailer is constantly reacting to his culture and his times. He speaks, not from a cultivated point of view, but by becoming himself the champion of the moment, prophet of the coming apocalypse and harbinger of our most ...
  • Nostalgia: A Return Home 

    Martin, Megan D. (2000)
    When the summer ended, I had interviewed eight people: three ladies living in the same retirement home, two retired nuns, an ex-gang member-turned college student, a custodian, a park district art instructor and an ...
  • Notes From the Outside 

    Pierson, Neil (1972)
    Six original short stories.