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    • Metamorphosis 

      Baak, Kelsey (2015)
      The author introduces her collection of original poems with an ancient Chinese proverb that says, “an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place of circumstance. The thread may ...
    • Miami Poems 

      Guffanti, Al (1971)
      The poems included here were written because of, and for, the city of Miami. I lived in that city continuously for nine years, and I feel a part of it, and I know it is part of me. My purpose in writing these poems is ...
    • Midnight : A Short Story Collection 

      McKinney, Sara B. (2017)
    • Mimesis 

      Drucker, Emily (2013)
      Poems by Emily Drucker.
    • Mimicry 

      Gross, Samantha (2013)
      The author describes the evolution of her original story, Mimicry, which tells how a modern family reacts to a changeling child in an age where the old fairy stories are no longer believed. Her heroine Olivia discovers ...
    • The Miners' Graveyard 

      Eckerstrom, Steven (1973)
      A collection of original poems.
    • Mississippi Blues 

      Armstrong, Thomas J. (1983)
      Scope and Purpose of SIP- Fieldwork: To hitchhike the American road from Allegan, to New Orleans and back spending bulk of time learning true blues from old black men/women of the cotton obsessed negro obsessed ...
    • The Mock Tournament in Middle-English and Middle-Scots Literature 

      Harris, Neil (1963)
      Four examples of the mock gournament genre are discussed in this paper. But examples of the genre or historical references to peasant tournaments occur in all European countries, giving the genre a deeper significance.
    • The Moon is Gay and So are Poets 

      Bramble, McKenna R. (2016)
      The author presents original poems in three sections: the first contains love poems about relationships and the body; the second consists of 15 sonnets with the last line of each poem serving as the first line of the next ...
    • Moral Messages From the Prairie : A Study of Little House on the Prairie 

      Brinkman, Kara (2008)
      An examination of the television adaptation of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series that addresses the success and significance of the show, including the historical context of the 1970s and the content ...
    • The Morality of Aesthetic Valuation: A Study of John Ruskin's Artistic and Literary Criticism 

      Litte, Bruce Rudolph (1966-01-20)
      The author reviews John Ruskin's core values of art and morality found throughout his writings on both literature and visual art and architecture.
    • Mosaic 

      Larson, Sandra Corrine (2005)
    • Mountains Hovered Over Her Then as They Hover Over Me Now : A Collection of Essays 

      Mitra, Mallika (2016)
      The author introduces her collection of four creative nonfiction essays with a discussion of how her experience of campus sexual assault and the process of speaking out about it shaped her as a writer. She writes about the ...
    • Mouth Frothy, Quiet and Unsightly : A Collection of Five Stories 

      Kang, Hamin (2014)
      The author presents a collection of five short stories, of which he says “I think each of my stories is a plea for acceptance. Acceptance of people who seem pathetic. Of those deemed losers. Acceptance of the parts of ...
    • Movement: Dance & Travel 

      Takagi, Marina (2009)
      My project focused on three main aspects of my life: my culture, my travels, and my dance world. Bich Minh Nguyen's "Stealing Buddha's Dinner" helped me write about the first - my culture. Nguyen's memoir took place in ...
    • Moving Heaven and Earth: Goddesses, Saints, and Daughters Re-envisioned 

      Findley, Lisa (2004)
      In the broadest sense, these poems are about women. More specifically, they concern women in the Bible, classical mythology, and my family. If the SIP is an opportunity for seniors to bring together their experiences and ...
    • "Mujeres Escondidas": A Herstory of Four Mexican-American Migrant Women 

      Wirpsa, Leslie Gaye (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College., 1984)
      Dear Lourdes, Cuca, Costanza, Chole, As a privileged-racist-white woman, I thank you. As a privileged-racist-white woman, I apologize to you for the ways in which my ignorance and the ignorance of so many of our sisters ...