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  • The Obscene Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter book 

    Stevenson, Douglas K. (1965)
    Among the ninety-five Riddles of the Exeter Book there are eight that have been classified as being obscene. They are also separated from the other Riddles by having intended double meanings; one innocent, the other of ...
  • Observations of a Humorous Mind 

    Walko, Quinn (2008)
    A collection of four short stories.
  • The Odds of Knowing : A Firsthand Study of Adaptation 

    Jones, Matthew (2009)
    The author discusses the different characteristics of the short story, the stage play and the screen play, and the challenges of adapting a work in one format to another. The Odds of Knowing appears as both a stage play ...
  • Ode to the Land of the Rising Sun Through Japanese Identity 

    Borysewicz, Anna Aoki (2010)
    I see my SIP as an attempt to pay tribute to my Japanese side; a side that I have always thought about, but never been able to adequately express in words. This is not to say that I haven't tried writing about my Japanese ...
  • Of Bones and Breathing 

    Bednar, Colleen (2008)
    A collection of original short stories.
  • Of Messages and Media: Communicating in the Electronic Age 

    Comeau, Judith L. (Judy Lee) (1977)
    This study arises amidst the controversy not to fasten itself to either extreme of the debate, but to consider, quietly and pensively, television's place in man's ongoing struggle to communicate with his fellow-men. ...
  • The Old and Newberry Library 

    Corwin, Margaret (1971)
    I intend this thesis to be a series of essays attempting to relate my job at the Newberry to the functions and problems of both the academic community and the institution of a library. This thesis is not to be taken ...
  • Olinger and Beyond: A Developmental Study of the Fiction of John Updike 

    Tom, Susan (1967)
    The author's growth is reflected by the changes in the recurrent themes, and the addition of new moods, new themes, and new characters. We now have a rather complete emotional and spiritual history of the Olinger hero as ...
  • OLMASA : Olotayan Marine Sanctuary 

    Guerrero, Lily Amber (2008)
    The author worked with the Olotayan Marine Sanctuary Foundation to improve the environmental and economic health of the small Philippine island of Olotayan.
  • On Cloud 9 : The Long Dawn 

    Bergman, Tom (2008)
    An original science fiction novel about a group of adventurous sky pirates designed to explore the world-building and storytelling aspects of science fiction, inspired in part by the writing of Michael Crichton.
  • On the Ocean Beach Pier 

    Fagerman, Sherri L. (1983)
  • On the Relativity of Psychological Systems: An Interpretation of Otto Rank's "Man of Humanity" 

    Vining, Stephen (1981)
    The aim of this thesis is a fundamental reconstruction of the depth psychology movement of the 19th century. By focusing attention on the four main members of this movement, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, C.G. Jung, and ...
  • One Night 

    Burton, Jennifer (1985)
    "One Night" is a fictionalized account loosely based on my three months in Salamanca. The events are compressed into one night for the sake of the story, but, could, in fact, have taken place as they do in the story. The ...
  • One of Them : a Novella 

    Matthews, Kelsey (2018)
    The author writes, “Stories and imagination are vital aspects of many people’s lives, which is why using these tools to compose an effective fantasy story is so important. The world needs fantasy, especially fantasy that ...
  • One Ring Circus 

    Patton, Amanda (2013)
    Some say it's a tale as old as time; others say it's the same old story of boy-meets- girl. In any case, my Senior Individualized Project sits within a context that is familiar to almost everyone-the context of the love ...
  • The Opuntia Cactus 

    Richie, Nick (2008)
    An original short story.
  • Orientation 

    Kundi, Abha (2004)
    I knew that I had to write my SIP about the ways in which Indian and American influences shape me. I didn't want to preach or complain in my pieces; I simply wanted to show how the marriage of two cultures functions in ...
  • The Origins and Evolution of the Fable 

    Brown, Hayden (1963)
    There are several texts that I shall use in my comparison of the fable and natural history among the Ancients. Of the Aesopic texts, the most important is a collection by Ben E. Perry entitled Aesopica. These fables are ...
  • The Origins of Black English 

    Anderson, Reneé J. (1990)
    The author surveys the development and history of Black English.