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    • Grassroots Anathema 

      Sanford, Myles D. (2011)
      As a result of my K-College education in Anthropology and English (specifically Creative Nonfiction and Narrative Journalism) as well as certain inspiring texts and films – Ted Conover’s article, “The Road Is Very Unfair: ...
    • The Great Celery City 

      Bertucco, Sisanne Margaret (2002)
      The Great Celery City is a story about Henry Twinkle, a boy who found out an unusual aspect of the history of his hometown. This is a book written for, but not exclusive to, fourth through sixth graders. It is a story ...
    • The Greatest Promise 

      Kamen, Lindsey (2012)
      In introducing his original series of memoirs, the author writes that “while college has given me an important academic understanding of the world, more importantly, it has helped me to understand myself in relation to the ...
    • The Green and the Black; 24 Poems 

      Macak, Dave (1986)
    • Greenwormsong 

      Gale, Christopher Clark (1992)
      A collection of original poems.
    • "Gripsholm Castle" : A Translation of "Schloss Gripsholm" by Kurt Tucholsky 

      Wilke, Alfred (1973)
      An original translation of German-Jewish journalist, satirist, and writer Kurt Tucholsky's last book, written in 1931 while in exile in Sweden shortly before his apparent suicide.
    • Growing Up American 

      Pursel, Misty (2003)
      The shape I have tried to give my SIP follows the coming of my great grandmother's family to America, a few small incidents in her life and some very difficult moments in which she had to question her identity and sense ...
    • Growing Up with Northport 

      Hammersley, Carla Anne (1980)
      The village of Northport is found at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula in northern lower Michigan. It lies on the sparkling waters of Grand Traverse Bay surrounded by rolling forested hills, trimmed with sandy ...
    • Hairdryer in the Bathtub and Other Poems 

      Seales, Bethany A. (2001)
    • Harry Potter and the Recreation of Classist Educational Structures 

      Theiss, Emma Paige (2021-06-01)
      Harry Potter has long been a worldwide phenomenon, a series that has lead children’s literature for decades and that has changed fandoms and pop culture as we once knew them for good. It has its reach in more parts of our ...
    • Hart Crane: Prophet of Tragic Redemption 

      Daniels, Carolyn Ruth (1969)
      The Romantic movement was, undoubtedly, one of the most influential and comprehensive movements of all times. Although one doesn't often admit so, there is a little of the romantic in everyone, in some much more than ...
    • Hawthorne and Tieck: A Comparative Analysis 

      Springer, M.L. (Margaret L.) (1977)
      I will examine only the short stories of Hawthorne and the the Marchen of Tieck. Although Tieck wrote a number of Novellen and novels, they are not considered his best works. They are popularly condemned for a kind of ...
    • He Left No Bruises : Living Through and Beyond Acquaintance Rape 

      Chuhran, Megan (2007)
      Through narrative and poetry, the author documents the experience of sexual assault.
    • Headlong Cartwheels 

      Cochran, Valerie (2002)
    • A Healing Experience 

      Moore, Janet (1980)
      At the end of the fall quarter, I was inspired to do two things: to continue my study of Paul Tillich's theology, and to write poetry. These two rather diverse interests were drawn together in several ways. For throughout ...
    • Hearing Voices : A Seasonal Search for Understanding of Violence Against Women 

      Klok, Kari Lee (1990)
      The project combines three essays on domestic violence in America with a collection of pamphlets the author created during an internship at Haven, a women's shelter in Oakland County (Michigan).
    • Heart Beat: A Creative Expression Project in Partnership with Kalamazoo Central High School Students / All Giants Achieve Program 

      Anton, Mario R. (2004)
      These journals are collections of my initial thoughts as I reflected on each workshop. Every workshop journal was written the evening following the workshop at Kalamazoo Central High School so that my memory could be ...
    • Heart Factory: A Creative Writing Project 

      Kuipers, Jeffrey (1986)
    • The Heart Still Beats 

      Quackenbush, Nicole (1995)
      The following work is my Senior Individualized Project, the product of four months of creative writing. I entitled this collection The Heart Still Beats because I felt that each story was, on some level, about survival--the ...