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    • A Gift of Vision: A Study in the Mythology of William Butler Yeats 

      Wendelken, Carolyn (1963)
      If it were possible, I would like to crawl into the mind of William Butler Yeats end trace with him the history of the myth. Although we cannot become Yeats, we can, through his poetry, look at the long history of the ...
    • Hairdryer in the Bathtub and Other Poems 

      Seales, Bethany A. (2001)
    • Hawthorne and Tieck: A Comparative Analysis 

      Springer, M.L. (Margaret L.) (1977)
      I will examine only the short stories of Hawthorne and the the Marchen of Tieck. Although Tieck wrote a number of Novellen and novels, they are not considered his best works. They are popularly condemned for a kind of ...
    • John Updike: A Bibliography 

      Tom, Susan (1976)
      Research for an undergraduate thesis revealed the need for a definitive bibliography of the works of John Updike. Although Mr. Updike in a relatively short career has excited considerable critical controversy, no one ...
    • Joy of Living 

      Demko, David (1984)
      This book is less unified (I almost said "less homogenous") than Graffiti. That's as it should be • Graffiti was an intense project, intended from the beginning to hang together. The idea of this book, in contrast,is ...
    • The Last Gimmick 

      Mueller, Craig (1983)
    • The Lazarus Serum: A Short Novel 

      Iott, Alice Rose E. (2006)
    • Leave-Taking 

      Ridenour, Kimberly (1970)
    • Let Every Man Be Master of His Time : Poems in Dialogue with Shakespeare 

      Kohl, Jason (2006)
      Inspired by Shakespeare's practice of borrowing themes and plots from other stories and mythology, the author presents a collection of poems written to illuminate central themes and characters from Othello, King Lear, ...
    • Little, Nameless, Unremembered Acts 

      Urang, Sally (1975)
    • Making Space : A Creative Writing SIP 

      Wise, Katherine (2010)
      A series of Personal Essays in which I explore my very odd family and formulate a new space for myself.
    • Matryoshka 

      Aulph, Rebecca (2009)
      The author chronicles the experiences of her extended family and the challenges of her aunt's three daughters, adopted from a Russian orphanage.
    • A Matter of Hunger : Essays and Recipes 

      Bosca, Anthony (1989)
      Seven essays, including recipes, written to encourage the personal investment in cooking which elevates food to a level higher than simple nourishment. As Alice Waters points out, that for every minute we save by using ...
    • Miami Poems 

      Guffanti, Al (1971)
      The poems included here were written because of, and for, the city of Miami. I lived in that city continuously for nine years, and I feel a part of it, and I know it is part of me. My purpose in writing these poems is ...
    • The Miners' Graveyard 

      Eckerstrom, Steven (1973)
      A collection of original poems.
    • Mississippi Blues 

      Armstrong, Thomas J. (1983)
      Scope and Purpose of SIP- Fieldwork: To hitchhike the American road from Allegan, to New Orleans and back spending bulk of time learning true blues from old black men/women of the cotton obsessed negro obsessed ...
    • The Mock Tournament in Middle-English and Middle-Scots Literature 

      Harris, Neil (1963)
      Four examples of the mock gournament genre are discussed in this paper. But examples of the genre or historical references to peasant tournaments occur in all European countries, giving the genre a deeper significance.
    • My Self in the Dominican Culture: A Kalamazoo College Experience 

      Federo, Maureen (2012)
      As the youngest of five siblings, I was the first to attend an out of state college and as most students' experiences at K, I went through a huge culture shock. My major struggles freshmen year were my race and my identity; ...
    • News Operations at WJBK-TV2, Detroit 

      Mucha, Allison (1978-11-22)
      This paper is meant to facilitate the comprehension of the basic elements of a newscast. I have attempted to apply the material found in books and periodicals to the operations at WJBK TV2, a Detroit area TV station ...