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  • A Spinach Tragedy : a Novel 

    Cordova, Gaby (2019)
    The author discusses the development of her novel by explaining some personal history: “My novel does start off with two girls going on a road trip to Yosemite, which is based on a true experience of mine and what helped ...
  • The Lindaln 

    Norwood, Emily (2019)
    The author describes how her love of biology and science fiction like Avatar combine in her original science fiction story that tells of the discovery of a humanoid species on a distant planet told in the logs of a science ...
  • No Cure 

    Letherer, Arianna O'Malley (2017)
    The author combines her experiences volunteering in a hospital, interning in a cancer research center with her own grandfather's cancer diagnosis to create a collection of original poems.
  • Been This Way Awhile 

    Dickenson, Green (2018)
    The author introduces a collection of original poetry using the couplet to explore the author's experience.
  • Trinkets and Treasures : a Short Story Collection 

    Fordell, Delaney (2018)
    Introducing her collection of short stories, the author writes “possessions come to have particular significance in the lives of human beings. Memories are attributed to these tangible objects and so, like pictures, people ...
  • All-American : A Historical Fiction Novel Depicting the Tragedies of the Second World War 

    Bogue, Sean Elles (2018)
    The author discusses the film influences on his original novella set in the skies over World War II battlefields.
  • Catching Rabbits and Breaking Mirrors : a Poetic Exploration of Superstition and Half-Belief 

    Boyle, Emily King (2018)
    The author presents a collection of original poems inspired by superstitions and the contradictory belief and disbelief that they inspire.
  • (De)constructing the Tangibility of Borders : a Collection Exploring Spatiality, Fluidity, and, Self (Be)coming within the Process of Navigating through Transformations in Ambiguity 

    Flores, Melba (2018)
    About her original poems, the author writes “This collection reflects the homesickness and uncertainty felt towards the beginning of my time at Kalamazoo, with pieces such as "My Father, El Tlaxcaltec", "My Mother, La ...
  • The Greatest Promise 

    Kamen, Lindsey (2012)
    In introducing his original series of memoirs, the author writes that “while college has given me an important academic understanding of the world, more importantly, it has helped me to understand myself in relation to the ...
  • Sexism in Video Games : An Analysis of the Medium, Culture and Industry 

    Husar, Jon (2013)
    The unfortunate truth behind the medium of video games is the fact that many games are sexist, the culture surrounding them is sexist, and the trend is part of the industry itself. Unrealistic representations of women are ...
  • Exposed with Watermelon 

    Homnick, Emily (2009)
    In describing the process of creating an original work of fiction inspired by Kate Chopin’s The Awakening set in modern day America, the author writes “I quickly accepted that in order to write a believable female character ...
  • Celestial Music : Songs of Angels in Nature 

    Benedict, Christian Curtis Westby (2018)
    About this collection of original poems, the author writes “Celestial Music is a SIP of celebration. Reflecting the presence of divine love throughout nature, Celestial Music’s six sections explore vastly different domains ...
  • Naked with Beads On : A Poetry SIP 

    Pobuda, Sarah (2018)
    The author describes the influences and inspiration for her collection of original poetry.
  • "we are all of paper": Hypertextual Bodily Instantiation and Colonized Narrative in Salvador Plascencia's The People of Paper 

    Anderson, Michael John (2016)
    To scaffold my intervention into the novel, the theory and literature I encountered in both ENGL-223 Chicana/o Literature and ENGL-436 Literary Theory was foundational in building to the final section that analyzes in ...
  • The Relevance of Native Son and African American Oppression Today 

    Bacchus, Hannah (2018)
    My Senior Thesis aims to both analyze Richard Wright’s Native Son and compare today’s oppression for African Americans in relation to issues and themes arising in the novel. I constructed my thesis in two chapters in order ...
  • Ethical Journalism in the “Fake News” Era 

    Ashton, Meredith (2019)
    Using her internship experience in production of the local Kalamazoo Newschannel 3, a Sinclair station, the author reflects on the history of journalism, the three key issues facing broadcast journalism: resource scarcity; ...
  • Thoughts of a Cave Woman 

    Calef, Abby (2019)
    The author describes how her original thematic plans held back her poems and how reflecting on Audre Lorde's essay, "Uses of the Erotic," freed her to create an original voice that could reflect her Judaism, her personal ...
  • See Dick Run : Truth, Silence, and Reconciliation in the Face of Intergenerational Trauma 

    Donohoe, Amelia (2018)
    The author describes the process of constructing a longform journalistic narrative of a family story: how her great grandfather left his wife for another woman and how that effected the family, particularly the author’s ...
  • 魔女 : Ma-Jo 

    Mullenax, Emma (2019)
    The author describes how the transcendent beauty she found in the parks and shrines of Tokyo while studying abroad in Japan influenced her original novella.
  • Path : A Biomythography of the Progression of my Subconscious Mind A Poetry Collection 

    Scott-Anderson, Aunye (2018)
    The author describes her collection of poems as “poetic, mythic autobiography….an exploration of my spirituality and the synchronicities I have found within the Igbo Orisha tradition, and astrology… I have been influenced ...

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