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  • The Rise of the Democratic Party in the Midwest Since 1948 

    Osthaus, John G. (1963)
    It is my purpose to analyze the influence of the major issues upon the rise of the Democratic Party in the Midwest since 1948. I shall concentrate only upon the Midwestern congressional districts that have demonstrated ...
  • Modern Bureaucracy - Its Causes And Consequences of Growth 

    Kapoor, Basheshar Nath (1963)
    This project is a study of the causes and consequences of one of the most striking movements of our time, the ascendancy of modern bureaucracy. The general purpose of this study is both descriptive and analytic. Whereas ...
  • The Role of the Catholic Church in Spanish Politics in the Twentieth Century 

    Batts, Virginia L. (1963-03-22)
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  • The New Hampshire Sweepstakes: An Historical and Analytical Study 

    Campobasso, John J., Jr. (1964)
    Consideration of the New Hampshire Sweepstakes within this paper will center upon the questions: What has been the history of sweepstakes within the United States? Why after a century and a half of disuse and discredit ...
  • AFL-CIO: Political Candidate Endorsement in Wayne County 

    Green, Howard W. (1964)
    It is my desire to create as objective a picture as I can of the methods of labor in the area of endorsement of candidates for political office. I shall describe the endorsement operation of the most complete and well ...
  • Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg: Insulationist-Nationalist 

    Branch, Richard (1964)
    The purpose of this paper will be to examine the factors, historic, partisan, regional and personal which led Senator Vandenberg from isolationism to internationalism.
  • One Man, One Vote -- in Michigan? : A Study of Legislative Apportionment in Michigan from 1952 to 1964 

    Timmons, Bruce A. (1964)
    Legislative apportionment constitutes an age-old problem; it is nothing new. But the acute awareness of this issue is new. This consciousness has resulted from the historic decision by the United States Supreme Court on ...
  • The Ba'ath Party: A Study in Arab Affairs 

    DeVries, Larry (1964)
    This is a study of the Arab Ba'ath -- a political party, a governing instrument, a reform movement and coupmaker, and an ideological group. It is subject to the methods and purposes, and the shortcomings of each. The ...
  • Prospects For Stability in Nigeria 

    Converse, Carol (1964)
    This thesis has been written with the intention of providing an insight into Africa radically unlike the popularized version. Throughout its preparation, the attempt has been made to demonstrate that responsibility, ...
  • Civil Service Versus Political Patronage on the County Government Level 

    Gardner, Fredric H. (1964)
    A reform movement calling for a form of merit system for making office appointments began in the late ninteenth century. This reform affected the federal government much more than it did government on the state and local ...
  • A Study of the Concepts of Power and Elite 

    Brown, Ray Stewart (1964)
    This study does not presume to be inclusive or conclusive. Rather, its purpose is to study several of teh popular contemporary writers and to compare their views in order to better understand the concepts of power and elite.
  • The Effect of the 1961 Michigan Constitutuional Convention on the Factions in the Republican Party 

    Hackney, Charles D. (1964)
    In 1961 the State of Michigan held the first unlimited convention for the purpose or revising a state constitution in nearly ten years. In the general election in November 1962 former delegate George Romney defeated ...
  • An Analysis of the Theories of Hans J. Morgenthau 

    Martin, G. Eugene (1964)
    All students of political science, and particularly international relations, have certainly come into contact with the theories of Hans J. Morgenthau. Early in my studies I realized the importance and the necessity of ...
  • A Survey of Student Opinion at the Universtiy of Erlangen-Nuremberg 

    Heidel, Helen (1965)
    Many books have been written about Germany and the Germans since the end of the second World War. Among these are numerous analyses of surveys of Germans since the war; surveys conducted by Germans and by foreigners, ...
  • The 1964 Staebler Campaign 

    Meyer, Elizabeth (1965)
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate in detail one particular political campaign to determine the relationship of the realities of politics to current concepts of campaigning. In order to accomplish this, a ...
  • The Democratic Party of South Bend, Indiana 

    Million, John T. (1965)
    This study attempts to trace the history of the Democratic Party in South Bend from its earliest beginnings to its present status, with particular emphasis on the last twenty years. A second purpose is to describe the ...
  • I Take the Fifth and Sixth: The Revolution in Criminal Law 

    Baron, Mark (1965)
    This is a collection of some of the most significant cases concerning the Fifth and Sixth Amendment procedural safeguards and the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment which brought these protections of individual ...
  • An Analysis of the Politics of "Der Spiegal" Since 1959 

    Barkenbus, Jack (1965)
    My study of the German magazine "Der Spiegal" (The Mirror) has included issues from January 7. 1959 to November 11, 1964. This is a study in "opposition" and "alternatives," personified and illustrated by "Der Spiegal." ...
  • The Municipal Budgetary Process and its Application in the City of Kalamazoo 

    Devries, Thomas Reed (1965)
    This paper concerns itself with the budgeting and accounting of funds in municipal governments. The attempt will be made to describe the theory of budgetary preparation and accounting. The practical aspect of budgeting ...
  • An Evaluation of the Training Program of the Kalamazoo City Police Department 

    Fields, Carl M., Jr. (1965)
    This study attempts to trace and evaluate the training program of the Kalamazoo City Police Department, beginning with the inception of the program in 1931.