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    • The Macroeconomic and Social Consequences of the German Unification 

      Arnsman, Michael L. (1992)
      In order to handle the restructuring of the East, the government has created the Treuhandanstalt agency. The goal of this agency is to dismantle and privatize the uncompetitive industries of the East. In the process, many ...
    • Macroeconomic Effects of Leverage Cycles and Deleveraging 

      Smith, Alex William (2012)
      This paper discusses the idea of the leverage cycle, the affect it has on the economy as a whole, and how it has shaped both ebullient and turbulent economic times. Leverage, simply being the ratio of collateral to equity, ...
    • The Magic of the Disney Empire 

      Braun, Travis (2012)
      The author explores the success of the Walt Disney Company, by highlighting important segments of the company and how profitable they are to the firm. Disney performs well because of their successes in various entertainment ...
    • A Managed Economy as the Short-Run Means to Long-Run Growth and Development: A Look at South Korea's Utilization of Such a Process and its Effectiveness 

      Kracker, Kristine (1995)
      In recent years economists have begun looking to the Far East for solutions to economic development in underdeveloped countries. They have turned to this region in response to the overwhelming success of countries located ...
    • Management Ethics: Moral Issues in Organizational Structures 

      Barnikel, Luise M. (2005)
      In a world in which profits have become more important than the people who generate the profits, an acute need for ethical guidance in organizational behavior has arisen. Today, this need is especially apparent because ...
    • A Management Study of Community Response to Disaster: The Kalamazoo Tornado, May 13, 1980 

      Fritz, Christine A.; Church, Martha J. (1980)
      This is a disaster management study of the Kalamazoo community response to the tornado of May 13th. In it, Chris and I present a comprehensive picture of the immediate, short, and long-term reaction of the community.
    • Managing and Developing a Dot-Com 

      Cors, Timothy G. (2000)
      The author describes his work at Nucleus Communications and describes the development of ( The first goal was to drive higher levels of traffic on and then ultimately generating revenue. ...
    • Managing and Marketing a New Stable in the Equine Niche 

      Sumyk, Brittany (2011)
      For my senior individualized project, I constructed a five-part marketing strategy for a niche business. I drew upon my experience shadowing a stable manager, and described a plan that a new stable owner would follow in ...
    • Managing Employees and Trends 

      Herman, Andrew J. (2011)
      My Senior Individualized Project focuses on how to write a business proposal properly and efficiently. To write a business proposal, a person must explain the project thoroughly. A business proposal, explained by Steve ...
    • Manpower Training Programs for the Disadvantaged 

      Richards, James B. (1971)
      The first chapter defines and discusses the problem of poverty and the various barriers to employment that the poor must face. Chapter II discusses why manpower training programs are necessary. Also included in this ...
    • Margin Requirements: History and Application 

      Nurkan, Umut (1995)
      Without a doubt, my work-Sip experience was able to fulfill all of the possible expectations I could have. My internship at the Options Clearing Corporation allowed me to see what really goes on in the exchange markets, ...
    • Mark-to-Market Accounting and the Financial Crisis of 2007 and 2008 

      O'Brien, Kristen (2010)
      This paper explores the concept of mark-to-market accounting, as defined by the Financial Accounting Statement 157 (hereafter "FAS 157). "This Statement defines fair value, establishes a framework for measuring fair value ...
    • The Market Impact of the Asset-Backed Security 

      Ivy, Michael (1997)
      The process of securitization is something that many people are unfamiliar with. Luckily, I had the chance to learn about it through my internship with Case Credit in Racine, Wisconsin. I was hired in the information ...
    • Market Microstructure : A Proxy for Assessing Policy-Making, Regulation, and Market Movement on a Spectrum of Scales 

      Atwell, Joshua (2021-09-01)
      Behind the scenes of how a market price is determined, there is a lot going on in the background with how the sell side packages and distributes liquidity to the clients on the buy side. Market prices are believed to exist ...
    • A Market Plan for an Incoming Horse Trainer Into the Horse Show Industry 

      Clark, Ryan (2010)
      My senior individualized project consists of drawing my own personal experience 1 had with a nationally recognized horse trainer and applying what I learned from that experience to create a marketing plan for a new ...
    • Market Research : Opthalmology Journals Readership Study 

      Noorani, Maqsood A. (1992)
      Market research is an important tool in the current information society. At the American Medical Association, the Division of Market Research satisfies the research demands of the association. This Senior Individualized ...
    • Market Research: Corn Growers Preference Study 

      Smith, Barry Robert (1970)
      The purpose of this paper is to outline the procedures I found to be vital in the production of an effective survey questionnaire. It is, in effect, a procedural- type paper. I hope it will serve as a simplified manual ...
    • Market Research: Asgrow Dealer Study 

      Jacob, Robert J. (1971)
      The purpose of this paper is to show a market research project conducted by the author, the Asgrow Dealer Study, and how it is used in corporate planning.
    • A Market Study Conducted for Farm Credit Services of Schoolcraft, Michigan 

      Garcia, Scott Douglas (1991)
      The primary purpose of this study for Farm Credit Services of Schoolcraft, Michigan is to determine the present market situation, in the Country Home Loan market, and devise a plan that will improve the market share, ...
    • A Market Study of Stryker UK 

      Clapp, Christa S. (1997)
      The health care industry is undergoing rapid changes in the United Kingdom. As the National Health Service of England moves into maturity, hospitals are experiencing budget constraints. Many medical suppliers in the UK ...