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    • Clarke Benedict Williams 

      Johnson, Paul N. (1910)
      Prof. Clarke B. Williams with his daugher Elizabeth in their own backyard at 214 Stuart Ave.
    • Clarke Benedict Williams Resume 

      Williams, Clarke Benedict (1922-12)
      A resume written by Prof. Clarke Benedict Williams with details on education, teaching, membership in societies and local clubs, family, travel, and writing.
    • Letter from C.B. Williams to his daughter 

      Williams, Clarke Benedict (1923-08-22)
      Clarke Benedict Williams describes sailing through a typhoon after leaving the Hawaiian Islands en route to Japan.
    • Letter from C.B. Williams to his brother 

      Williams, Clarke Benedict (1923-08-23)
      Clarke Benedict Williams writes to his brother Frank and sister-in-law Mary about his time in Hawaii and the typhoon he and his wife Hittie sailed through en route to Japan. The former student that Prof. Williams met with ...
    • Letter from Hittie Williams to her daughter 

      Williams, Hittie (1923-08-26)
      Hittie Williams, the wife of Prof. C.B. Williams, writes to her daughter Elisabeth about the typhoon and other passengers on the ship as they sail from Hawaii to Japan in August of 1923.
    • Letter from C.B. Williams to President Stetson 

      Williams, Clarke Benedict (1923-08-27)
      Professor C.B. Williams writes to retired Kalamazoo College president Herbert Lee Stetson about travel conditions on the S.S. President Lincoln. He focuses on the typhoon they sailed through but also mentions other travelers ...
    • Clarke Benedict Williams 

      Austin, G.W. (c. 1900)
      A portrait of Clarke B. Williams, professor of Mathematics, c. 1900.
    • Clarke Benedict Williams 

      Unknown author (c. 1916)
      Clarke B. Williams was a professor of mathematics at Kalamazoo College from 1894 to 1923. He also served as a Dean beginning in 1913. Williams was nicknamed "Tuffy" by his students. In 1923, he and his wife died in an ...