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  • Kalamazoo College Alumnus Joseph B. Westnedge Featured in Documentary 

    Greenhoe, John; Yeomans, Tim (Kalamazoo College, 1995-10-18)
    A press release about the documentary "Kalamazoo in World War I, The Story of Colonel Westnedge and the 126th Infantry" produced by Tom M. George. Joseph B. Westnedge attended Kalamazoo College from 1895 to 1898 and was a ...
  • Knight Grant Results in Advancement of Minority Affairs at Kalamazoo College 

    Allen, Susan W. (Kalamazoo College, 1990-06-15)
    In 1990 it was announced that the position of Associate Provost for Minority Recruitment was created with support from a Knight Foundation grant. Dr. Sandra Greene was hired into this new position. The grant also helped ...
  • Jeanne Baraka-Love Appointed Director of Minority Affairs at Kalamazoo College 

    Allen, Susan W. (Kalamazoo College, 1989-09-08)
    This is a new release announcing the appointment of Dr. Jeanne Baraka-Love as director of minority affairs at Kalamazoo College in 1989.
  • "K" Sophomore Wins Campus Leadership Award 

    Greenhoe, John (Kalamazoo College, 1997-06-06)
    The 1997 Amy Trenkle Campus Leadership Award was given to Chris Dragisic, K'99.
  • Press Release: Assistant to the President for Church Relations 

    Lee, Wono (Kalamazoo College, 1967-03-06)
    A college communication publicizing the newly hired W. Haydn Ambrose who would serve as the assistant to President Weimer K. Hicks for Church Relations and as the Director of Financial Aid.
  • Dr. W. Haydn Ambrose Is the Author of a New Book 

    Lee, Wono (Kalamazoo College, 1968-02-19)
    In 1968, W. Haydn Ambrose, an administrator at Kalamazoo College, published his book "The Church in the University."
  • For Immediate Release: Ambrose-Mandrell Appointments 

    Korth, Kathy (Kalamazoo College, 1973-07-17)
    A July 1973 press release publicizing new appointments at Kalamazoo College for W. Haydn Ambrose as Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid and for James Mandrell as Director of Financial Aid.
  • Kalamazoo College News Release 6-76-#2 

    Brown, Ruth (Kalamazoo College, 1976-06-01)
    This 1976 press release states that W. Haydn Ambrose would change roles at Kalamazoo College from Dean of Admissions to the Director of Church Relations and Associate Director of Development.
  • W. Haydn Ambrose Elected President of Midwest Ministerial Commission 

    Pangburn, Pat (Kalamazoo College, 1982-11-16)
    In this press release, it was communicated that W. Haydn Ambrose was selected to serve as president of the Midwest Commission on Ministry of the American Baptist Churches. He served in this role in conjunction with his ...
  • W. Haydn Ambrose Named Director of Development for Kalamazoo College 

    Pangburn, Pat (Kalamazoo College, 1983-03-01)
    This news brief reported that W. Haydn Ambrose was promoted from Associate Director of Development to Director of Development at Kalamazoo College.
  • Ambrose to Assume New Position for "K" College in Florida 

    Allen, Susan W. (Kalamazoo College, 1986-12-23)
    A press release announcing that W. Haydn Ambrose would take on the position of Director of Estate Planning, relinquishing his role as Vice President for Development.
  • Umoja House Will Open This Fall 

    Allen, Susan W. (Kalamazoo College, 1994-09-15)
    A press release announcing the creation of the Umoja House in 1994, a living learning unit "to provide a supportive environment where African and African American students can have space for themselves on a predominantly ...
  • Plans Announced for Diebold Biology Center 

    Allen, Susan W. (Kalamazoo College, 1987-04-23)
    Press release announcing a fundraising campaign for construction of the Diebold Biology Center in what is the Dow Science Center on Kalamazoo College's campus.
  • 1967 Press Release Announcing Frances Diebold's Retirement 

    Lee, Wono (Kalamazoo College, 1967-06-05)
    This is a press release announcing the retirement of Dr. Frances Diebold, Professor of Biology, after 44 years at Kalamazoo College.
  • Natatorium Dedication Press Release 

    Lee, Wono (Kalamazoo College, 1968-06-03)
    A press release announcing the dedication of Kalamazoo College's Natatorium in June of 1968.
  • 1973 Outward Bound - Wilderness Program 

    Korth, Kathy (Kalamazoo College, 1973-05-23)
    A 1973 press release announcing that selected faculty and staff members would be taking part in an Outward Bound - Wilderness Program, which would ultimately lead to the creation of Kalamazoo College's Land/Sea program.
  • New Women's Basketball Coach 

    Hodler, Mary Kay (Kalamazoo College, 1981-01-27)
    A press release announcing the hiring of women's basketball coach Terri L. Beattie in 1981.
  • Kalamazoo College to Build New Athletic Facility 

    Nirenberg, Richard D. (Kalamazoo College, 1980-02-08)
    Press release announcing the plan to demolish Tredway Gymnasium and replace it with a new athletic center.
  • New Head Coach... 

    Hodler, Mary Kay (Kalamazoo College, 1981-01-27)
    Press release announcing Terry St. Louis as the new head coach of the Kalamazoo College wrestling squad for the 1980-81 season.
  • 1989 Men's Tennis Press Release 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1989-05-21)
    A press release announcing that the Kalamazoo College Men's Tennis team finished third in NCAA Division III.

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