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    • Comparative Study Between Nutrition Programs in a Local NGO, CEISAN vs. the Ecuadorian Government 

      Trump, Alison (2008)
      Aim of study: Emerged from much controversy of effectiveness of public health care system in Ecuador. Aimed to observe how nutrition programs were being utilized to address the problem of malnutrition in Ecuador.
    • Crossing Borders and Bridging Gaps 

      Udow, Rachel (2007)
      Interacting with the abuelitos taught me that we could find common ground and communicate despite vast differences in age, ethnicity, language, social class, education, and religion. I also learned how to lead the abuelitos ...
    • Education and the Urban Youth in Quito 

      Brainerd, Rachel H. (2007)
      This school, like many others in Ecuador, is severely under-funded, meaning that daily we erased old workbooks so that others could use the same book. The children were usually behind in both math and language, and struggled ...
    • Etnografia 

      Elsila, Jamie (1995-01-30)
      Para este estudio, yo pasé tres semanas en el laboratorio clínico del hospital "Patronato Municipal San José," o el "Hospital del Sur." Observé el trabajo del laboratorio y la manera en que el laboratorio funciona. También ...
    • Public Health / Humanitarian ICRP at CEISAN in Quito 

      Maurissen, Stéphanie L.C. (2003)
    • Researching Heliconia in the Rainforest of Ecuador 

      Thompson, Desiree (2006)
      My project concentrated on the tropical false bird of paradise plants, Heliconia. I looked to see whether or not the Heliconia follow the Island Biogeography Theory, meaning that I looked at isolation of plants, as well ...
    • Termite Nest Repair Rates 

      Barker-King, Amelia (2006)
      Tiputini Biodiversity Station