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    • ICRP - My Experiences as an English Teacher's Aid in Caceres 

      Walther, William Kyle (2001)
      For my ICRP, I worked as a teacher's aid in the English department at a local school. I worked with three classes on a weekly basis. Two of the classes were from the fourth level (about 13 or 14 years old), and the other ...
    • The ICRP of Meghan Keeler 

      Keeler, Meghan (2001-01-29)
      Coming back to Beijing on the fourth of January I still had no real idea what to expect of my internship. I knew I would be working with an artist, at least that's what his card says, by the name of Wang Jinsong. I knew ...
    • An ICRP Report on working at a school for children with disabilities. 

      Lee, Catherine
      To fulfill the completion of my ICRP credit I will be working at the Beijing Chao Yang Mentally Retarded Children Rehabilitation Center. At the start of the semester the required hours were to be 75 hours, however, due to ...
    • ICRP Summary in the evangelic kindergarten in Erlangen Altstadt, Germany 

      Tank, Elizabeth M.H. (2002-01-22)
      Durch Sport, vor allem Fußball, erkannte, dass ich Kinder wirklich mag. Ich wollte, alles Mögliche die..,Kindel{, beibringen und überlegt mir, dass ich später vielleicht Lehrerin werden will, eventuell sogar Deutschlehrerin. ...
    • ICRP: Socio-cultural Habits; Comparison of Village and Urban Youth 

      Terrell, Monica (1996-05-26)
      It is necessary to explain the history of the comportment and education of the older generation who are responsible for the youth of today. This is the generation that passed their transformed ideas to their children who ...
    • Immigration in Spain 

      Boody, Elizabeth (2001)
      Durante los años 70 y 80, la migración de España cambió drásticamente. El país se puede describir bien con la frase: una vez un país de emigración, ahora un país de inmigración. La inmigración nueva ha pasado debido a dos ...
    • In the Beginning 

      Stavig, Richard T., 1927-2015 (1986)
      Dr. Richard Stavig's Honors Day 1986 talk on the history of Kalamazoo College's Study Abroad program.
    • Inculturation and the Catholic Church 

      Schut, Acacia (1996-06-05)
      This project has been looking at the process of inculturating .the Catholic Church with a specific emphasis on the Church in Kenya. The Catholic Church has been in existence for almost two thousand years, as long as the ...
    • Index articles on early Study Abroad program 

      Barrett, Laurence N., 1915-2002; Kalamazoo College Index (1959)
      A selection of articles appearing in the Kalamazoo College "Index" regarding the Study Abroad program in its early years.
    • The Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) 

      Calloway, Nicole A. (1996-05-20)
      The water we drink, the roads on which we travel, the machines we use, our electric light and power, the planes in which we fly, the cars we drive, ships, harbors, irrigation schemes, sewage disposal, radio, television, ...
    • Instituto Isaac Newton 

      DePorre, Jules M.F. (2001-02)
      Para mi ICRP, trabajé y observé las clases en el Departamento de Ingles del Instituto Isaac Newton. Me gusto este trabajo mucho porque quiero ser profesor después de la universidad y este era una buena oportunidad para ...
    • Integrative Cultural Research Project 

      Thomas, John E. (2001-01-31)
      En mi proyecto yo iba al instituto Beatriz Galindo. Este escuela es cerca de metro Serrano en cl Gaya. Este barrio es de lujo con tiendas de marcas famosas y muy caro. Algunos de los estudiantes son de esta zona, pero ...
    • Integrative Cultural Research Project Final Paper 

      Bartuski, Andrea R. (2001)
      The following three weeks I have interned at the Civil Society Program, a project of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China where I worked to complete my Integrative ...
    • Integrative Cultural Research Project Student Handbook, 2011-2012 

      Center for International Programs (2011)
      The Integrative Cultural Research Project (ICRP) is a component of the academic program of selected Kalamazoo-sponsored study abroad programs. The primary goal of the ICRP is the integration of students into local cultures, ...
    • Integrative Cultural Research Project: Reflective Essay 

      Spearman, Corey Michael (2001-01-17)
      The Beijing Chaoyang Mentally Retarded Children Rehabilitation Center frequently accommodates weekend volunteers, however rarely are they assisted on a daily basis during normal working hours. Thus, a model for my role ...
    • Intercultural Research Project: Study of the Lives of Five Extremenan Women 

      Hagadone, Kate M. (2001-01)
      My project consisted of conducting interviews with local Spanish women. I selected five women to interview, and asked them questions about motherhood, marriage, education, and work, as well as a few general opinion questions. ...
    • International Voices 2007-2008: Visiting International Students' Experiences at K 

      Herrera, Otilio; Sabasi, Darlington; Vyas, Sakhi (2008-06-26)
    • Introduction 

      Unknown author
      Languages have always fascinated me, as a young child growing up in rural Vermont I used to ask my neighbor, Edwin Nelson, to tell me stories just to hear the sound of his gurgly, almost unintelligible manner of speech. ...
    • IRCP 

      Derman, Noah (2001-02-23)
      I started this project with three main goals. First, being placed in an environment where the only language I can use is Chinese. During my internship everyday I studied at my art teacher' s house. Both my teacher and his ...
    • Jigeen Day Xees 

      Muwonge, Ephrance Naiga (1996-05-23)
      The desire for light skin. A desire so strong many women of all walks of life whether they be young, single, old, divorced, widowed, rich, poor.... have sought to obtain. And the means by which it is obtained is in the ...