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    • Major Barbara 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1961-02-04)
      Cast members of the 1961 Faculty Readers Theatre production of George Bernard Shaw's "Major Barbara." Nelda Balch is seated in the first row, second from right. Other faculty members include Walter Waring, Lloyd Averill, ...
    • Marcia Wood helping a student 

      Morgan, Ward C. (Kalamazoo College, 1970)
      Professor Marcia Wood (1965-2001) is seen helping a female student with figure drawing. Wood is leaning over to adjust the markings on the student's paper while the student watches patiently. This is Ward C. Morgan negative ...
    • Margo Bosker Light 

      Unknown author (1983)
      A portrait of Kalamazoo College German professor Margo G. Bosker Light. The photographer is not known.
    • The Misanthrope 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1965-01-27)
      Cast of the 1965 Faculty Readers Theatre production of Moliere's "The Misanthrope." Nelda Balch is seated second from the left.
    • Not A Born Teacher: Lucasse Talk 2/9/05 

      Grossman, Robert W., 1943-2012 (2005-02-09)
      Lucasse Award talk given by Dr. Robert Grossman on February 9, 2005 for the Florence J. Lucasse Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching.
    • Of History, Sagas, and the "K Plan:" In Quest of a Usable Past 

      Stauffer, Robert E., 1941- (2004-10-22)
      A talk presented at a Faculty Study on October 22, 2004 that outlines the self-study process.
    • Options for Financing Study Abroad 

      Planning and Budget Committee (2008-02-13)
      The depreciation of the US dollar and increases in study abroad participation by K students have created a problem for financing Kalamazoo College’s international programs. The financial shortfall for the coming year ...
    • Outcomes and Experiences: CLA, NSSE, & CIRP-CSS (Fall Colloquium 2010) 

      Sotherland, Paul R., 1953-; Dueweke, Anne (2010-09)
      The focus of the 2010 Fall Colloquium was a presentation by Anne Dueweke and Paul Sotherland on information about Kalamazoo College gleaned from the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), the National Survey of Student ...
    • Planning and Budget Committee Minutes, 2012-2013 

      Planning and Budget Committee (2013)
    • Planning and Budget Committee Minutes, 2014-2015 

      Planning and Budget Committee (2015)
    • Procedures of the Faculty Personnel Committee 

      Faculty Personnel Committee (2012-02)
      Includes sections on the function and composition of the Faculty Personnel Committee, philosophy of faculty review, reappointment procedures, tenure reviews, promotion reviews, and other functions.
    • Refractions of the Silver Screen 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1976)
      The 1976 Faculty Readers Theatre production of "Refractions of the Silver Screen."
    • Repositioning The College for a Secure and Vigorous Future 

      Planning and Budget Committee (2006)
      This is an attempt by the Planning and Budget Committee of the Faculty to look a decade ahead and to think about what we as a community can accomplish. In accordance with our committee responsibilities, the discussion ...
    • Richard Koenig: See Change: A Memoir 

      Koenig, Richard (Lenscratch, 2022-07-22)
      In this article, a memoir of sorts, the author outlines “mutations of a medium [fine art photography in the United States], and one it its disciples, over time”. This covers more than forty years beginning with his ...
    • Roster of Faculty and Teaching Assignments, Fall 2012 

      Kalamazoo College (2012)
      Roster of Kalamazoo College faculty and their teaching assignments for Fall quarter 2012.
    • Sample Assent Form 

      Intitutional Review Board (2006)
      Sample assent form for researchers to obtain permission from human subjects (minors) to participate in a research study.
    • Sample Consent Form 

      Intitutional Review Board (2006)
      Sample assent form for researchers to obtain permission from human subjects to participate in a research study.
    • Scholarship in Positive Tenure Decisions (2003 through 2008) 

      Faculty Personnel Committee (2008-06)
      This is a compilation of the scholarship produced by those who received tenure between the academic years 2003-2004 and 2007-2008. The list is organized by division because there are different expectations according to ...
    • Senior Seminar Course Guidelines 

      Educational Policies Committee (2009-03-03)
      This set of broad guidelines for the Senior Shared Passage Seminar, developed after consultation with the faculty, is intended to clarify the character and content of the seminars during an initial two-year period. ...
    • Serendipity 

      Hussen, Ahmed (2019-06-06)
      Text of the retirement speech delivered by Dr. Ahmed Hussen, Professor of Economics at Kalamazoo College.