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    • K Plan for the 21st Century: General Education Curriculum 

      Educational Policies Committee (2009-01-12)
      The general education curriculum that supports the K Plan features breadth across the liberal arts, a strong global and intercultural focus, widespread participation in meaningful study abroad and servicelearning, rigorous ...
    • Kalamazoo College 2009 CIRP The Freshman Survey Presentation 

      Dueweke, Anne; Sotherland, Paul R., 1953- (2009)
      PowerPoint slides of a Teaching and Learning Workshop presentation given in Fall 2009 by Anne Dueweke and Paul Sotherland.
    • Kalamazoo College Faculty and Staff List, 1833-2007 

      Kalamazoo College Archives (2009-07-22)
      This is an Excel spreadsheet listing all or most Kalamazoo College faculty, and some staff, from the earliest available records to the modern day. The list includes a person's name (including variations such as maiden name ...
    • Kalamazoo College Faculty, 1950 

      Schiavone Studio (Kalamazoo College, 1950-10)
      Kalamazoo College faculty in October 1950, photographed on the steps of Stetson Chapel. This is Schiavone Studios negative no. 5451.
    • Kalamazoo College Faculty, circa 1915-1917 

      Unknown (Kalamazoo College, 1915-17)
      Kalamazoo College faculty, photographed on the steps of Bowen Hall sometime between 1915 and 1917. In the front row, from left to right, are Herbert Lee Stetson (College President), Clarke Benedict "Tuffy" Williams (Professor ...
    • Kalamazoo College Religion Seminar 

      Unknown (Kalamazoo College, 2009-08-28)
      Dr. Marion H. Dunsmore, a professor of religion at Kalamazoo College, in a seminar room in Mandelle Memorial Library. Dr. Dunsmore was a graduate with the class of 1920, and returned as an assistant professor of Biblical ...
    • Kalamazoo Legends: Lucinda Hinsdale Stone 

      Palchick, Lisa (2005-01-24)
      A PowerPoint presentation given by Lisa Palchick, Dean of Libraries and Information Services, at a Kalamazoo Rotary Club meeting on January 24, 2005. This presentation outlines a biography of Lucinda Hinsdale Stone and her ...
    • The Life Story of Dr. Wally Schmeichel, as told by Dr. Waldemar Schmeichel on May 22, 2009 

      Schmeichel, Waldemar, 1938- (2009-05-22)
      Dr. Waldemar Schmeichel recounts his life experiences as a child in Poland and Germany during World War II. Transcribed by Arica Ciak.
    • Line Relocation in Eastern Wyoming: A Photo Study of Union Pacific's Abandoned Mainline Segments 

      Koenig, Richard (Union Pacific Historical Society, 2019)
      This photographic essay explores the four abandoned segments of the transcontinental mainline in eastern Wyoming between Buford (26 miles west of Cheyenne) and Dana (34 miles east of Rawlins). As initially constructed this ...
    • Major Barbara 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1961-02-04)
      Cast members of the 1961 Faculty Readers Theatre production of George Bernard Shaw's "Major Barbara." Nelda Balch is seated in the first row, second from right. Other faculty members include Walter Waring, Lloyd Averill, ...
    • Marcia Wood helping a student 

      Morgan, Ward C. (Kalamazoo College, 1970)
      Professor Marcia Wood (1965-2001) is seen helping a female student with figure drawing. Wood is leaning over to adjust the markings on the student's paper while the student watches patiently. This is Ward C. Morgan negative ...
    • Margo Bosker Light 

      Unknown author (1983)
      A portrait of Kalamazoo College German professor Margo G. Bosker Light. The photographer is not known.
    • The Misanthrope 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1965-01-27)
      Cast of the 1965 Faculty Readers Theatre production of Moliere's "The Misanthrope." Nelda Balch is seated second from the left.
    • Not A Born Teacher: Lucasse Talk 2/9/05 

      Grossman, Robert W., 1943-2012 (2005-02-09)
      Lucasse Award talk given by Dr. Robert Grossman on February 9, 2005 for the Florence J. Lucasse Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching.
    • Of History, Sagas, and the "K Plan:" In Quest of a Usable Past 

      Stauffer, Robert E., 1941- (2004-10-22)
      A talk presented at a Faculty Study on October 22, 2004 that outlines the self-study process.
    • Options for Financing Study Abroad 

      Planning and Budget Committee (2008-02-13)
      The depreciation of the US dollar and increases in study abroad participation by K students have created a problem for financing Kalamazoo College’s international programs. The financial shortfall for the coming year ...
    • Outcomes and Experiences: CLA, NSSE, & CIRP-CSS (Fall Colloquium 2010) 

      Sotherland, Paul R., 1953-; Dueweke, Anne (2010-09)
      The focus of the 2010 Fall Colloquium was a presentation by Anne Dueweke and Paul Sotherland on information about Kalamazoo College gleaned from the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), the National Survey of Student ...
    • Planning and Budget Committee Minutes, 2012-2013 

      Planning and Budget Committee (2013)
    • Planning and Budget Committee Minutes, 2014-2015 

      Planning and Budget Committee (2015)
    • Procedures of the Faculty Personnel Committee 

      Faculty Personnel Committee (2012-02)
      Includes sections on the function and composition of the Faculty Personnel Committee, philosophy of faculty review, reappointment procedures, tenure reviews, promotion reviews, and other functions.