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dc.contributor.advisorCarroll, Christina B.
dc.contributor.authorGodkin, Beau M.
dc.descriptioniii, 42 p.en_US
dc.description.abstractOn March 28th, 1939 General Francisco Franco and his Nationalist army successfully occupied Madrid, Spain after laying siege to it for almost two years. Just three days later on April 1st, the three year war of attrition that was the Spanish Civil War came to an end, with Franco and Fascism as the victor. From that day until 1975, Spain would be a Fascist, authoritarian regime. However, Franco and the Nationalists are only one part of the history that is the Spanish Civil War. On the other side of this war was the Spanish government or the Second Republic. Looking back at the Spanish Civil War, there were many reasons why the Second Republic failed. There was the obvious support Franco received from Fascist nations like Italy and Germany. Although The Spanish Civil War was an internationally known event, most democratic nations refused to provide assistance to the Second Republic, practicing appeasement instead. Finally, there were the actions and events that have been previously presented. What took place within the Second Republic during the Spanish Civil War effected the outcome of the war far greater than some may realize. Although the infighting, manipulation, deceit, and hatred within the government of Second Republic may not have been the single instrument of defeat, it certainly played a significant role in the downfall of what could have been a unified and democratic Spain.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofKalamazoo College History Senior Individualized Projects Collection
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dc.titleLeftist Groups of the Second Republic during the Spanish Civil War : A War Against Franco and One Anotheren_US

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