The first Washington Banquet at the college took place in 1889. The event was a celebration of President George Washington and always took place near Washington’s Birthday in February. The first celebration was a catered banquet hosted by the three literary societies of that time: the Sherwoods, the Eurodelphians, and the Philolexians. During the banquet portion of the evening, toasts were made to President Washington. Various members of the literary societies presented speeches about different high points of Washington’s life. In later years guest speakers were brought in for the banquet. It seems that 1966 was the last year that the Washington Banquet was celebrated at the college.

Recent Submissions

  • 1898 Washington Banquet Program 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1898-02-22)
    The literary societies of Kalamazoo College hosted the Washington Banquet at The American on February 22, 1898. The toast master was W.E. Post and speeches on the following topics were made: The College Woman, The College ...
  • 1896 Washington Banquet Program 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1896-02-21)
    The Eurodelphian, Philolexian, and Sherwood Societies of Kalamazoo College hosted the Washington Banquet on February 21, 1896. The toastmaster was H.C. Jackson and other speakers included Pauline LaTourette, Caroline ...
  • 1889 Washington Banquet Program 

    Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo College, 1889-02-22)
    The first annual banquet of the literary societies of Kalamazoo College was the Washington Banquet held on February 22, 1889. The program honored President George Washington - "First in War, First in Peace and First in ...
  • Washington Banquet Preparation 

    Riegler, Wilbur Leon (Kalamazoo College, 1956-02)
    Two Kalamazoo College students cutting out decorations for the annual Washington Banquet in February, 1956. The hatchet was a common motif for the banquet, one of the largest annual social events on campus for many years. ...