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    • Letter From Jeremiah Hall to John Alden, Jr. 

      Hall, Jeremiah (1837-07-15)
      A letter from Jeremiah Hall to John Alden Jr. notifying Alden that he has been "unanimously appointed Principal of the Kalamazoo [Literary] Institute" with a salary of $600 per year. Alden is asked to reply as to whether ...
    • “Record of Scholarship and General Conduct” for the Kalamazoo Branch of the University [of Michigan]; Terms from May 1, 1838 to August 6, 1839 

      Unknown author (1838)
      A record of students, their overall final grades in school (point system unknown), and a grade for "general conduct," spanning from the spring term of 1838 to the fall term of 1839.
    • Letter from W.S. Wilcox to J.A.B. Stone 

      Wilcox, W.S. (1849-08-23)
      A letter from W.S. Wilcox to J.A.B. Stone about how "The Rev T Z R Jones is at this place very Sick of the dysentery," but is concerned about a legacy being left to the Kalamazoo Branch of the University of Michigan. Wilcox ...
    • Letter from W. C. Rumsey to T. Z. R. Jones 

      Rumsey, W. C. (1850-02-04)
      "[Rumsey] encloses $5.00 from William Lewis for the institution at Kalamazoo...asks [Jones] to acknowledge $5.00 sent in the fall [of 1849] for E. Fowler." -From the Baptist Calendar
    • Letter from Joseph Merrill to J. A. B. Stone 

      Merrill, Joseph (1850-09-27)
      Joseph Merrill writes that he has collected $10 for the institution at Kalamazoo, asks Stone to collect $11.00 due to [Merrill] and apply it on fund for the seminary. Merrill also makes note of local news, such as the ...
    • Legal Memorandum of Lease Agreement between Edmund Fish of Schoolcraft and William Taylor, E.A. Simmons, and W. H. Fox for the Cedar Park Female Seminary Grounds 

      Taylor, William; Simmons, Elisha A.; Fox, William H.; Fish, Edmund (1851-07-28)
      [Taylor, Simmons, and Fox] Lease to Fish for the term of six years from and after August 16, 1851, two buildings located in Schoolcraft, one known as "the Boarding-house," and "the other next south," used as a barn. They ...
    • Letter from Joseph Fisk to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Fisk, Joseph (1851-09-20)
      A letter to T.Z.R. Jones giving the costs for flooring and shingles, which was possibly meant for the Upper Hall building.
    • Letter from Alpheus Harwood to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Harwood, Alpheus (1853-09-12)
      "Has notified Mr. Thompson twice that "the shingles must be forthcoming" to Jones; Thompson promises to "go with them [the shingles] as soon as he gets his wheat dragged in."" -From the Baptist Calendar
    • Letter from Jacob Allen to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Allen, Jacob (1853-09-27)
      Joseph Allen commends T.Z.R. Jones on the growth of the Theological Seminary and also discusses the Temperance Movement and the Maine Liquor Law. He also mentions the Baptist ministers Elder Wheeler and Rev. Benjamin Brierly.
    • Letter from Eber Carpenter to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Carpenter, Eber (1854-07-10)
      Eber Carpenter writes to T.Z.R. Jones of his wife's death and his hopes that his son can study at the Institute. He is even willing to trade farm land for a house in Kalamazoo so that his son can live there and study.
    • Letter from Thomas W. Merrill to Samuel Cornelius 

      Merrill, Thomas W. (1854-09-21)
      Thomas W. Merrill outlines his intentions for a Theological Scholarship of $1000 and also comments on the endowment to Samuel Cornelius, the agent in charge of subscriptions and endowment notes.
    • Letter from Samuel Cornelius to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Cornelius, Samuel (1854-12-24)
      Samuel Cornelius explains to T.Z.R. Jones that "Circumstances have hindered him from laboring for Kalamazoo [College]; is deeply discouraged by the financial crisis; has obtained subscriptions of $1,375 for the theological ...
    • Letter from Samuel Cornelius to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Cornelius, Samuel (1856-01-25)
      Samuel Cornelius reports $45,000 subscribed for the college after soliciting throughout Michigan. However, Cornelius has not been paid and there are no guidelines for how to solicit pledges. Cornelius speculates that a ...
    • Letter from C.I. Walker and Alfred Russell to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Walker, C.I.; Russell, Alfred (1856-01-29)
      Attorneys in the case of Stone v. Torrey write to J.A.B. Stone through T.Z.R. Jones, probably between J.A.B. Stone and Dr. Erastus C. Torrey. A certain H. Chase provided the case with a note written to Stone’s wife by Dr. ...
    • Letter from S.H. Pattison to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Pattison, S.H. (1856-07-24)
      S.H. Pattison writes to T.Z.R. Jones in confusion regarding when the interest on his scholarship was supposed to become due. A certain Brother Alexander contacted Pattison concerning the aforementioned interest, and Pattison ...
    • Letter from John Southard to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Southard, John (1856-08-23)
      After receiving a notice requiring him to pay $3.50 in interest on a pledge to the College, John Southard writes to T.Z.R. Jones declaring his refusal to pay interest on the pledge originally secured by the College’s agent, ...
    • Letter from Thomas S. Chase to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Chase, Thomas S. (1856-11-12)
      Thomas S. Chase writes to T.Z.R. Jones from Boston advocating on behalf of his sister Emma, a student at Kalamazoo College. Samuel H. ransom, a College trustee and auditor, along with George W. Fish, a Kalamazoo merchant, ...
    • Letter from Irah Chase to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Chase, Irah (1856-12-08)
      Irah Chase, the father of the author of Letter 286, Thomas S. Chase, writes another letter in a series concerning his daughter Emma to T.Z.R. Jones. The “mutual misunderstanding” between Emma and Mrs. Stone mentioned by ...
    • Letter from John Ransom to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Ransom, John (1857-04-13)
      John Ransom writes to T.Z.R. Jones with $7 that he found he was required to pay in interest on his scholarship in a College circular. He also encloses the scholarship itself for the purpose of cancelling it. Ransom’s ...
    • Letter from B.W. Davis to T.Z.R. Jones 

      Davis, B.W. (1857-05-13)
      B.W. Davis writes to T.Z.R. Jones – probably from Brooklyn, MI and not Brooklyn, NY – concerning a request by Davis to Jones to have a “Confidential Person” in the Kalamazoo area to watch his land for him. Davis’s agent ...