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dc.contributor.authorFranklin, Emily
dc.description.abstractBiological control is a widely available method of additional or alternative pest control which utilizes natural enemies to control crop pests. For successful control of grain aphids in wheat, predation during the early season and throughout the entire field is crucial to prevent aphid population outbreaks and crop damage. I documented the growth and movement of carabid beetles, a beetle family of generalist predators, in wheat fields to assess their potential as biocontrol agents for wheat pests.en_US
dc.titleSpatial and Temporal Patterns of Carabid Beetle Assemblages in Winter Wheat Factor into their Potentail as Biocontrol Agentsen_US

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  • Sustainability SIP Symposium [21]
    Materials related to the annual Sustainability SIP Symposium sponsored by the Center for Career and Professional Development and the Environmental Studies Program.

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