This collection contains materials pertaining to women and the socialist movement.

Recent Submissions

  • The Struggle for Women's Liberation 

    Semel, Gay; International Socialists (U.S.) ([New York, N.Y.?] : International Socialists, 1970-05)
    From the title page verso: "The following is the first draft of a more complete pamphlet to be ready hopefully by summer l970. It has been issued as a first draft specifically for the Congress to Unite Women held in N. ...
  • The Political Economy of Male Chauvinism 

    Christoffel, Tom; Kaufer, Katherine (Boston : New England Free Press, 197?)
    This essay deals with the ideology of male chauvinism, which in its simplest sense involves the belief that men are innately superior to women in many ways. It is a belief widely held by both men and women, and is used to ...
  • Red star : organ of the Red Women's Detachment. 

    Unknown author ([S.l.] : Red Women's Detachment, 1970-12)
    A single issue of the socialist newspaper "Red Star."
  • Bread and Roses 

    McAfee, Kathy; Wood, Myrna (1969)
    Article on the women's liberation movement. Originaly published in the June 1969 issue of the socialist periodical "Leviathan." Later published in Boston by the New England Free Press (1970) as "What is the Revolutionary ...