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    • Sex Discrimination in the Suburbs? 

      White Plains Commission on Human Rights; Women's Rights Committee of the Westchester Civil Liberties Union (1973)
      This is a flyer advertising public hearings on the rights of women held in March and April 1973 in White Plains, New York.
    • A Simple Matter of Justice 

      Westchester Women's Liberation Coalition; Levin, Joyce; Lippmann, Joyce; Lessig, Ann Nichols; Williams, Sandy; Lee, Gladys (Westchester, New York : Westchester Women's Liberation Coalition, 1970)
      This is a fold-out pamphlet that includes several short statements on civil rights, equality for women, and the Westchester Women's Liberation Coalition, including "New groups organize," Local Priorities?," How it all began ...
    • Sister: Los Angeles Feminist Newspaper 

      Unknown author (Los Angeles, CA: Radical Therapy Collective of L.A., 1973-12)
      Vol. 4, no. 10
    • Sister: West Coast Feminist Newspaper 

      Unknown author (Los Angeles, CA: s.n., 1975-05)
      Vol. 6, no. 1
    • Sisterhood and the Small Group 

      Lichtman, Ronnie (197?)
    • A Statement of Policy and History - 1971 

      Westchester Women's Liberation Coalition; Lippmann, Joyce (Westchester, New York : Westchester Women's Liberation Coalition, 1971)
      This is a short history of the Westchester Women's Liberation Coalition since its beginnings in 1970. It includes an outline of the aims of the organization and an invitation to join the coalition. The section "How it All ...
    • Statement of Purpose 

      Westchester Women's Liberation Coalition (Westchester, New York : Westchester Women's Liberation Coalition, 197?)
      Statement of purpose and beliefs from Westchester Radical Feminists.
    • The Story of the Amazons 

      Feminists (Organization); Diner, Helen (New York : The Feminists, 196?)
    • The Struggle for Women's Liberation 

      Semel, Gay; International Socialists (U.S.) ([New York, N.Y.?] : International Socialists, 1970-05)
      From the title page verso: "The following is the first draft of a more complete pamphlet to be ready hopefully by summer l970. It has been issued as a first draft specifically for the Congress to Unite Women held in N. ...
    • Suggestions for Topics for Consciousness Raising 

      Unknown author (196?)
      Statement on topics suggested for consciousness raising. Probably distributed at a meeting on women's liberation and consciousness raising.
    • Toward a Female Liberation Movement 

      Jones, Beverly, 1936-; Brown, Judith (Boston : New England Free Press, 1968)
    • The Twig Benders 

      Feminists (Organization); Chase, Wilda (New York : The Feminists, 1969)
    • Vaginal Orgasm as a Mass Hysterical Survival Response 

      Atkinson, Ti-Grace; Feminists (Organization) (New York : The Feminists, 1968-04-05)
    • What is the Difference? : Women's Rights and Women's Liberation 

      Phelps, Linda (Kansas City, Mo. : [s.n.,, 197?)
    • Women's Health and Abortion Project 

      Women's Liberation Center of New York (New York : Women's Liberation Center of New York, 1971)
      Flyer for the Women's Health and Abortion Project detailing proposals in the New York legislature.
    • Women's LibeRATion 

      Unknown author (NYC [New York, N.Y.] : R.A.T. Publications, 1971-06-14)
      Issue 23
    • Women's Press 

      Women's Press Collective (Eugene, Ore. : Women's Press Collective, 1972-02)
      Vol. 1, no. 13
    • Your Help Needed Now on Abortion Legislation! 

      New Yorkers for Abortion Law Repeal (New York : New Yorkers for Abortion Law Repeal, 1971)
      Pamphlet on abortion legislation before the New York legislature in 1971.