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    • Bowen Hall Computer Center 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1964-07-13)
      This photograph shows the Computer Center in the basement of Bowen Hall. Bill Jensen, Director of the Computer Center (1964-69), stands at the left. The computer's hard drive can be seen to the right of the student standing ...
    • Kalamazoo College 1967 Homecoming 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo College, 1967-10-21)
      A new twist on Homecoming Festivities: Kalamazoo College's Homecoming court for 1967 arrives on a motorcycle. The Kalamazoo Gazette distributed this photograph through the Associated Press wire, with the following caption: ...
    • Kalamazoo College Homecoming Court, 1968 

      Campbell, Rick; Kalamazoo Gazette (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1968-10-26)
      The Kalamazoo College Homecoming Court for 1968. Front: Glenna Simmons, Queen Genna Rae McNeil, Mary Elliott. Back: Laurie Mileo, Carolyn Welti. This photograph was taken for the Kalamazoo Gazette by photographer Rick ...
    • Kalamazoo College Vietnam War Protest 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo College, 1970)
      Kalamazoo College's Dean of the Chapel Robert Dewey leading students into downtown Kalamazoo for a Vietnam War protest in 1970. The students are not identified. In the background, the old YMCA building is being demolished. ...
    • Karl Malden and Kalamazoo College Students 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo Gazette, 1970-04-11)
      Well-known actor Karl Malden was invited to Kalamazoo College by Dean of the Chapel Robert Dewey in 1970 as an artist-in-residence. He worked closely with students to create a presentation he named "The Divine Hypocrites," ...
    • The Misanthrope 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1965-01-27)
      Cast of the 1965 Faculty Readers Theatre production of Moliere's "The Misanthrope." Nelda Balch is seated second from the left.
    • New Classroom Building, 1968 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1968-12-20)
      A view of Dewing Hall from Academy Street, shortly after it opened in 1968.
    • President Hicks in New Office 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1968-12-20)
      President Weimer K. Hicks in his new office.
    • Scenes from American Life 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1973-02-12)
      Cast members from the 1973 production of J.A. Gurney's "Scenes from American Life." Directed by Clair Myers, the production featured Randy Knolle, Judy Gibson, Paul Little, Terri Tucker, Ethan Levine, Beth Towner, John ...
    • Theater Visitors from Egypt, Jordan, and Kuwait 

      Campbell, Rick (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1978-10-19)
      Nelda Balch stands at the far left with theatre professionals from the countries of Egypt, Jordan, and Kuwait. The visit was organized by Claudia Daub Crawford, Class of 1968, and included tours of theaters around the ...