This collection contains documents created by the Kalamazoo College Center for International Programs.

Recent Submissions

  • Center for International Programs Annual Report 2012-2013 

    Center for International Programs (2013)
    Annual report of the Center for International Programs. Includes statistics, survey excerpts, participation information, event information, and information on grants awarded.
  • Integrative Cultural Research Project Student Handbook, 2011-2012 

    Center for International Programs (2011)
    The Integrative Cultural Research Project (ICRP) is a component of the academic program of selected Kalamazoo-sponsored study abroad programs. The primary goal of the ICRP is the integration of students into local cultures, ...
  • Study Abroad Handbook, 2012-2013 

    Center for International Programs (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College, 2011)
    CIP staff members have created this Handbook as a reference for all student participants. This Handbook contains important College policies about study abroad, as well as detailed procedures and schedules. It includes ...