Recent Submissions

  • See You Round the Quad 

    Unknown author (1952)
    This booklet was written by the Women's League as an orientation guide for incoming female first-year students. It gives tips ranging from proper clothing to what events to expect on campus. Also included is a list of ...
  • As You Meet Us 

    Unknown author (c. 1953-55)
    A booklet put out by the Women's League and sent to incoming first-year students as an orientation guide. The text gives a description of the various buildings, events, and people on campus.
  • Career Week for Women 

    Unknown author (1949-04)
    This pamphlet gives an overview of the schedule of events of Career Week for Women that took place from April 4-8, 1949.
  • Rules and Regulations Governing Women Resident Students 

    Unknown author (1967-03)
    This document gives a very detailed list of the rules concerning women's life in the dormitories. Focus is given to penalties and disciplinary measures regarding rule violations.
  • Candy Cane Ball Event Instructions 

    Unknown author (1948-12-04)
    A brief document containing a series of instructions on how to successfully host the Candy Cane Ball, a Christmas formal organized and put on by the Women's League.
  • Constitution for the Women's Self Governing Association of Kalamazoo College 

    Unknown author (9999)
    This constitution outlines the organization, leadership structure, and purpose of the Women's Self-Governing Association of Kalamazoo College. In addition, the document also provides a series of by-laws concerning regulations ...