In 1967 the Upjohn Library opened on Kalamazoo College's campus, replacing the old library located in Mandelle Hall. In 2006, an addition to the library was completed and it has since been renamed to the Upjohn Library Commons.

Recent Submissions

  • Upjohn Library Commons Dedication 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 2006-04-22)
    Program for the Upjohn Library Commons dedication. Contains a list of events for the day as well as a brief history of the College library system.
  • Upjohn Library Commons Opening 

    Unknown author (2006-01-03)
    Informational pamphlet giving the details of the new library, including computer generated images of the new facilities.
  • Upjohn Library Commons Information Brochure 

    Unknown author (2005)
    Contains a list of building specifications, technological renovations and updates, a building map, a brief history of the Upjohn Library, and the planning and construction team behind the building project.
  • Upjohn Library: the Scholars' Workshop 

    Unknown author (1967)
    Booklet with library statistics and floor plan from 1967, which also gives a list of rules for the library, such as the smoking policy and fines for overdue materials.
  • Upjohn Library Commons Sustainability Initiatives 

    Unknown author (2006)
    Brochure concerning the environmental aspects of the Upjohn Library Commons building project.
  • Upjohn Library Commons Building Map 

    Unknown author (2010-05-10)
    Building map from 2010.
  • Library Planning News Dispatch 

    Lee, Wono (1965-06-11)
    News update containing plans for a new library to replace Mandelle Library. Details are given concerning the library's expected usage, storage limits, and new facilities.
  • Campus Letter Concerning the Upjohn Library 

    Jones, James F., Jr. (James Fleming), 1947- (2003-11-06)
    A letter from James F. Jones Jr. (Kalamazoo College president, 1996-2004) concerning the renovation and expansion of the library and the moving process, in addition to the interim plans to house the library books in the ...
  • Upjohn Library Commons Highlights 

    Unknown author (2006)
    Informational document on the Upjohn Library Commons, detailing the renovated and updated facilities., in addition to giving building facts and a list of the planning and construction team.
  • Upjohn Library; Pencil [222] 

    Neligan, Mary Lawrence (Kalamazoo College, 2011-01-06)
  • Kalamazoo College Upjohn Library 

    Lyttle, Douglas (Kalamazoo College, 2009-08-28)
    An exterior view of Kalamazoo College's Upjohn Library. The new library, designed by Edward Coe Embury and completed in 1967, was built with contemporary features such as an audio-visual center, rare book and college ...
  • Kalamazoo College Upjohn Library Computer Terminal 

    Unknown (Kalamazoo College, 1989)
    A library catalog terminal in Kalamazoo College's Upjohn Library, 1989. The text on the computer screen reads "As Ariadne helped Theseus escape the labyrinth in Crete, so may this online catalog help guide you through the ...
  • The "Big Move" 

    Maxwell, Robert (Kalamazoo College, 1967-04-08)
    Kalamazoo College President Weimer K. Hicks and several unidentified students carry books across the street. Saturday, April 8, 1967 was known as the "Big Move" when students and faculty members volunteered to move 50,000 ...
  • Eleanor Pinkham with a Student 

    Unknown author (1975)
    Kalamazoo College Head Librarian Eleanor Pinkham with Sandra Barstow, Class of 1973, admiring the Upjohn Library's first OCLC terminal, 1975. The photographer is not identified.
  • Beaner's Cafe, Upjohn Library Commons 

    Kalamazoo College (2006)
  • Reading Room, Upjohn Library Commons 

    Kalamazoo College (2006)
  • Upjohn Library 

    Kalamazoo College ()
  • Upjohn Library Commons, exterior 

    Kalamazoo College (2004)
  • Lamp, Stained Glass in Upjohn Library 

    Kalamazoo College (2004)

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