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    • Actors Hold: An Analysis of the Director/Stage Manager Relationship in Professional and Educationai Theatre 

      Dennis, Rebecca (2010)
      Since a young age I have been interested in theatre. At first, I was only drawn to the spotlight on stage. It wasn't until my position as assistant stage manager on the play Angels in America: Millennium Approaches, did ...
    • Apprentice Impressions 

      Masters, Michelle (1984)
      The author describes her internship with two New York design studios, working on commercials, the musical, When Hell Freezes Over, the traveling production of Nine, and the off-Broadway production, The Flight of the Earls.
    • Bladed Weapons for the Stage: Building a Battle from Forge to Fight Call 

      Wood, Abby R. (2013)
      I set out to write a SIP that would be an overview of stage combat- both a tool bag for student fight directors in the future and an analysis of my experience as the assistant fight director on this show from start to ...
    • A Crash Course in Flying : Designing and Drafting Ellen Mclaughlin's Tongue of a Bird 

      Stewart, Roseanna (2011)
      The author describes the process of designing and modeling the sets for the Kalamazoo College production of Tongue of a Bird.
    • The Cuirasse Bodice and Bustle Skirt: A Historic Reconstruction 

      Timmer, Brian J. (1991)
      I decided to focus my SIP on sewing, specifically, sewing a reproduction of a historical garment. This decision relieved the pressure of designing and, at the same time, offered me a model to emulate. Choosing the ...
    • Designing Sorrows and Rejoicings 

      Stuenkel, Jessica (2006)
      I took on a challenge when I decided to do the scenic design for the main stage show Sorrows and Rejoicings for my senior project. All I had going for me was a love of designing and one failed attempt in my past. In this ...
    • "A Diamond in a Dung Heap" : A SIP in Costume Design 

      Tucker, Teresa Claire (1976)
      The author describes her internship experience with the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis, designing costumes for The Little Match Girl, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, and The Nutcracker.
    • The Effects of Lighting on Makeup 

      MacMartin, Cameron (1988)
      The author set up and photographically recorded a series of five experiments that explore the interaction between theatrical lighting and makeup. The author discusses two main variables: color (both gels used in the lighting ...
    • An Exploration in Technical Direction at Kalamazoo College 

      Preston, Vaughn (2003)
      The technical director in today's theatre world needs to be a true jack of all trades. A good technical director is well equipped with organizational skills, communication skills, and talents in carpentry, rigging, ...
    • Hair and Make-up for the Theatre 

      Blood, Laura M. (1983)
      The author describes her experience in New York City, first as hair designer and make-up consultant for the Theatre of the Open Eye's production of Behind a Mask, and second, working at Bob Kelly Cosmetics Inc. where she ...
    • A Handbook for Beginning Stage Managers at Kalamazoo College 

      Delia, Sarah M. (1988)
      The stage manager is a crucial member of the production team in any theatrical organization. This person is responsible for the smooth running of the production both onstage and backstage. The calm, steady influence ...
    • "Jobless in Seatle" : The Freelance Lighting Designer 

      Chesak, Kristen (1994)
      Two days before her theater internship in Seattle was to begin, the author discovered that her mentor was losing his job as resident lighting designer due to economic restructuring. Going ahead with the trip to Seattle, ...
    • Light Inquiries: The Life of a Lighting Designer 

      Wardzinski, Jim (2001)
      "One of the most frequent comments made about training for the lighting designer is that it usually ignores the realities of day-to-day life in the profession. No book gives even a hint about 'how to survive.' I think ...
    • Light Motif Lightshow Manual 

      Thomann, Eric S. (1977)
      The purpose of this manual is to familiarize the reader with the equipment now being used by Light Motif Light show. The manual begins with a short discussion about the properties of light, just to get a grasp on the ...
    • Lighting with the Apple II: An Alternative Means of Computerizing Theatre Lighting Control 

      Atwater, Richard M. (1981)
      For my senior independent project I chose to address the field of technical theatre, and in particular, lighting control. With the growth of electronics technology, theatre lighting has become increasingly automated, ...
    • Managing the Mainstage: Stage Managing the Festival Playhouse Production of Titus Andronicus 

      Barrett, Katheleen M.A. (2013)
      This paper is an overview of what my project has entailed over the last few months. From the start, I knew I wanted my Senior Individualized Project to be action-based. I thrive pursuing hands-on work where I can see ...
    • The Next five Years: Lighting Design in the Real World 

      DeHart, Stefanie (2011)
      I have been doing lighting in some capacity for the last eight years, ever since I started high school. I always knew that I wanted my SIP to involve that part of my life in some way, but even in my sophomore year I ...
    • A Photographic Essay of Property Making at Arena Stage 

      Cochran, Jill (1978)
      This project is not intended to be a write-up of all my work in the Prop Shop at Arena Stage. Rather, I have endeavored to show the "problem" props, the ones on which the most time, energy and mental activity was expended. ...
    • Process and Progress: Lighting and Timing 

      Schmitt, John (1999)
      For the past month or so I have been attempting to figure out why this paper is important. The work is done, the play has run, strike is over and the ghosts have left the building. The project has run its course, fairly ...
    • A Scenic Artist's Cookbook 

      Brockway, Adrienne J. (1979)
      This collection of recipes, information and suggestions on the following pages has been gathered during the last four years. They represent a variety of organizations with vastly differing budgets, facilities and other ...