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    • The Machete Beside Julienne Bamboo Shoots : Poems in Translation 

      Siegel, David A. (2006)
      A collection of original poems written in traditional Thai forms characterized by their light rhyme and rhythm and translated into English in what the author calls "heavy free verse." The title of the collection refers to ...
    • The Machine in the Aryan Garden: German and American Rural Responses to Industrialism 

      Everett, Jeffrey C. (1978)
      In this paper, I will examine the development of articulate agrarian philosophies in the German and American rural societies. Next, I will show how the Industrial Revolution affected the two cultures in the nineteenth ...
    • Machine Learning and Epilepsy: Classifying Epileptic Brain States Using Sugihara Causality Networks 

      Kamalaldin, Kamal (2017)
      Epilepsy is a brain disease that profoundly affects the personal lives of its patients as well as the health care system needed to address it. Machine learning is a field of computer science experiencing a renaissance ...
    • Machine Translation From Spanish to English 

      Connable, Margery (1965)
      The author uses a 1620 IBM computer to translate an elementary Spanish reader, Graded Spanish Readers by Carlos Castillo and Colley F. Sparkman, Book One, De Todo un Poco.
    • Machine Translation of German to English 

      Hall, William James (Kalamazoo College, 1967)
      The purpose of this study was to look into the possib1l1ties of translating oonversat1onal German sentences into English sentences. Some computers are capable of translating upwards of 50,000 words per hour, while ...
    • The Macroeconomic and Social Consequences of the German Unification 

      Arnsman, Michael L. (1992)
      In order to handle the restructuring of the East, the government has created the Treuhandanstalt agency. The goal of this agency is to dismantle and privatize the uncompetitive industries of the East. In the process, many ...
    • Macroeconomic Effects of Leverage Cycles and Deleveraging 

      Smith, Alex William (2012)
      This paper discusses the idea of the leverage cycle, the affect it has on the economy as a whole, and how it has shaped both ebullient and turbulent economic times. Leverage, simply being the ratio of collateral to equity, ...
    • Macroinvertebrate Community Stream Survey of Campbell Creek, Van Buren Co., SW Michigan 

      Barber, Natalie P. (Kalamazoo College, 2022-01-01)
      Anthropogenic disturbances such as agricultural land use and bridge crossings negatively impact freshwater ecosystems. To determine the extent of the impact of these disturbances on freshwater systems, we collected data ...
    • Macroinvertebrate Community Stream Survey of Campbell Creek, Van Buren Co., SW Michigan 

      Barber, Natalie (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College, 2022)
      Biomonitoring is when researchers collect data on bioindicators (living organisms) to determine the quality of an ecosystem. Commonly used bioindicators for freshwater streams are aquatic macroinvertebrates, organisms ...
    • Madama Butterfly 

      Mueller, Jessica (2002)
    • Madame Jambor and the Sunday Concert 

      Schiavone Studio (Kalamazoo College, 1959)
      The Bach Festival concert held on Sunday, March 15, 1959 featured Madame Agi Jambor, a famous pianist from Hungary. Jambor is playing the piano surrounded by a few other seated performers as the crowd watches. This photo ...
    • Madame Jekell & Ms Hyde: The Faces of a Woman 

      Moore, Michellia M. (1999)
      There are several key elements that lead to the creation of Madame Jekell & Ms Hyde, as well as its contents. The structure and idea of a semi-original piece hails from my First-year experience. As a First-year student ...
    • "Made with My Own Fingers When My Heart was Full" : Motherhood and Material Culture in the Lives of Three 19th Century Women 

      Kelly, Meaghan K. (2023-03-01)
      Strict gender roles and expectations for women rooted within separate spheres ideology became foundational to American society during the nineteenth century. Separate spheres ideology dictated that women should remain in ...
    • Madness and the Search for Truth in Melville's "Mardi" 

      Macurda, Nancy C. (1965)
      In this paper I have used the same chapter divisions of the text as Merrell Davis in his analysis Melvi11e's Mardi. I have not treated the novel in its entirety, but have tried to stick to the mad characters, their ...
    • The Madwoman of Chaillot 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1960-03-10)
      Program for the Kalamazoo College Players' production of The Madwoman of Chaillot, by Jean Giraudoux. Directed by Nelda K. Balch and performed on March 10, 11, and 12 of 1960.
    • The Madwoman of Chaillot 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1969-11-20)
      Program for the Theatre Arts and Speech department production of The Madwoman of Chaillot, by Jean Giraudoux and adapted by Maurice Valency. Directed by Nelda K. Balch and performed in Dalton Theatre on November 20, 21, ...
    • Maendeleo ya Wanawake: The Politicization and Co-Optation of a Women's Development Organization 

      Stands, Elizabeth (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College., 1995)
      On December 31, 1994, I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, to begin a three month internship with Kenya's largest women's development agency, Maendeleo ya Wanawake. I sought to view first-hand the power of women's mobilization ...
    • Magic and Religion 

      Start, Lester J., 1919-2001 (1980-06-09)
      Text of sermon given at First Baptist Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan on June 9, 1980.
    • Magic of Choice 

      Schroeder, Madeline (2023)
      Magic of Choice is a visual novel that explores the genre of anime known as "magical girl." Popularized by shows such as Sailor Moon, the magical girl genre focuses on young girls who gain magic powers through transformation. ...
    • The Magic of the Disney Empire 

      Braun, Travis (2012)
      The author explores the success of the Walt Disney Company, by highlighting important segments of the company and how profitable they are to the firm. Disney performs well because of their successes in various entertainment ...