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    • Percentage of Blacks Enrolled in Selected Institutions, 1968-69 

      Unknown author (1969)
      A list giving total enrollment, number of black students, and percentage of black students from various institutions in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin during the 1968-69 academic year.
    • Petition Regarding the Recent BSO Demands 

      Unknown author (1969-05-21)
      Details about a petition which was passed around Kalamazoo College's campus regarding the demands made by the Black Student Organization (BSO).
    • President's Response to Demands of June 1998 

      Jones, James F., Jr. (James Fleming), 1947- (1998-06-04)
      Letter from Kalamazoo College President James F. Jones, Jr. to the College Community responding to the demonstration led by the Black Student Organization (BSO) for more diverse faculty and staff.
    • Program for Sixth Annual Black History Dinner 

      Unknown author (1983-02-17)
      Program for the Sixth Annual Black History Dinner sponsored by the Black Student Organization (BSO) of Kalamazoo College. The theme was "Black America: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow."
    • Progress Report in Connection with Programs Associated with Black Students 

      Long, William G. (1969-07-16)
      A memo announcing the hiring of a Black faculty member, a half-time Black recruiter, and others for programs at Kalamazoo College associated with Black students.
    • Recommendations/Suggestions for the Betterment of the Academic and Social Life of the Black Students 

      Harris, Richard; Seavers, Thomas (1972-03-09)
      Recommendations proposed by Kalamazoo College's Black Student Organization (BSO) regarding their organizational budget, use of college cars, advisors, Black enrollment and hiring, orientation week, and campus jobs.
    • Rejection of President's Response to Demands 

      Seavers, Thomas; Weaver, Gerald F. (1969-05-17)
      A letter from Tom Seavers and Gerry Weaver of Kalamazoo College's Black Student Organization (BSO) rejecting the response that President Weimer K. Hicks gave to their demands.
    • Reply of the Faculty and Administration to Demands 

      Hicks, Weimer K., 1909-1985 (1969-05-24)
      The official reply from the Kalamazoo College Administration to the demands of the Black Student Organization (BSO) including responses regarding the academic program, admissions policies and procedures, budgetary ...
    • Response to Demands Made Upon the College by the Black Students' Organization 

      Hicks, Weimer K., 1909-1985 (1969-05-15)
      Includes a memo to members of the College Community and the response written by Kalamazoo College President Weimer K. Hicks to the demands made by the Black Student Organization (BSO) on May 12, 1969.
    • Revision Suggestions Connected with Draft Memorandum to the BSO in Regard to Admissions 

      Long, William G. (1969-03-13)
      Revision suggestions from Kalamazoo College Dean of Student Affairs William G. Long to President Weimer K. Hicks in regards to a response to be given to the Black Student Organization (BSO) about the admission of Black students.
    • Roundtable on Discrimination, Part I: Racism 

      Unknown author (1982-08-12)
      A memo to the campus community from Kalamazoo College's Black Student Organization (BSO) announcing a roundtable discussion on discrimination.
    • Sequence of BSO Incident May 1969 

      Hicks, Weimer K., 1909-1985 (1969-05-19)
      A document detailing the events from May 12, 1969 to May 17, 1969 during which the Black Student Organization (BSO) of Kalamazoo College issued a list of demands.
    • Statement from the Black Student Organization 

      McNeil, Genna Rae (1969-05-19)
      A letter to the faculty and administration of Kalamazoo College from the Black Student Organization (BSO) regarding the reply the organization received to their demands and the clarification forum of Friday, May 16, 1969.
    • Student Commission Position Paper 

      Unknown author (1969-05-16)
      A position paper written by Kalamazoo College's Student Commission giving their stand on the proposals submitted by the Black Student Organization (BSO) and on the response from President Weimer K. Hicks during May of 1969.
    • Third World Press Editor to Speak 

      Unknown author (1991-01-29)
      Press release announcing that Haki R. Madhubut (also known as Don L. Lee) will speak at the annual dinner sponsored by the Black Student Organization (BSO) of Kalamazoo College.
    • Visit of Congressman John Conyers 

      Unknown author (1979-02-07)
      An invitation to faculty members at Kalamazoo College to attend a lunch sponsored by the Black Student Organization (BSO) in honor of their guest Congressman John Conyers.
    • White Students Support BSO Demands 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1969-05-24)
      White students sit on the lawn in front of a campus building on May 24, 1969, holding signs that read "We Support BSO Demands. Black Autonomy - Black Studies." The student rally was in support of the Black Student ...
    • Workshop on Negro History and Culture 

      Barrett, Laurence N., 1915-2002 (1969-05-27)
      A memo to all faculty at Kalamazoo College from Laurence Barrett, Acting Dean of Academic Affairs, advertising a summer workshop on Negro History and Culture.