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    • Festival Playhouse 1984 Season Program 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1984-06-28)
      Program for the full Festival Playhouse '84 season. All main plays were written by playwright-in-residence Oliver Hailey: Who's Happy Now (June 28-July 8), Father's Day (July 19-29), and Round Trip (August 9-19), which had ...
    • Festival Playhouse 1985 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1985)
      Mailer for the 1985 Festival Playhouse season. Includes four plays: Struttin' Their Stuff (a compilation of '40s music, arranged and directed by Michael L. McPherson; July 3-6, 10-13), Faith Healer, by Brian Friel (directed ...
    • Festival Playhouse 1986 Season program 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1986-06-19)
      Program for Festival Playhouse's 22nd season, featuring four plays in the Balch Playhouse: Talley's Folly, by Lanford Wilson, directed by D. Terry Williams and performed from June 19-22, and 26-29; Painting Churches, by ...
    • Festival Playhouse 1987 Season program 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1987-07-09)
      Program for the 1987 season of Festival Playhouse. Features four plays: Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas and directed by D. Terry Williams (July 9-12, 16-18), Master Harold and the Boys by Athol Fugard and directed by Ed ...
    • Festival Playhouse 1988 Season 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1988-07-07)
      Program and mailer for the Festival Playhouse's 24th season. Includes information for four plays: The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekov (July 7-10, 14-16), Bullshot Crummond by Ron House, Diz White, John Neville-Andrews, Alan ...
    • Festival Playhouse 1991 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1991)
      Mailer for Festival Playhouse 1991. Includes three plays: K 2 by Patrick Meyers (June 27-July 6), Baby with the Bathwater by Christopher Durang (July 12-20), and The Skin of Our Teeth by Thronton Wilder (July 26-August 3).
    • Festival Playhouse 1992 Season 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1992-06)
      Includes program and mailer for the 1992 Festival Playhouse season, which contained two plays: Fefu and her Friends, by Maria Irene Fornes (directed by Megan Carney; performed July 18-19 and 23-26), and American Buffalo, ...
    • Festival Playhouse 1995 mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1995)
      Mailer for the 1995-96 Festival Playhouse season. Includes information for three Plays: Our Town, by Thornton Wilder (directed by Ed Menta; performed November 16-19), Trojan Women, by Euripides (directed by Patricia Daniels; ...
    • Festival Playhouse 1996-97 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1996)
      Mailer for the Festival Playhouse 1996-97 season. There were three main productions: Joe Hill, by Bryan Zocher (directed by Ed Menta; performed November 14-17), Cloud 9, by Caryll Churchill (Directed by Cheryl Tomblinson, ...
    • Festival Playhouse 1997-98 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1997)
      Mailer for the 1997-98 season of Festival Playhouse, featuring three main productions: A Midsummer Night's Dream, by Shakespeare (directed by Adrianna Krstansky; performed from November 13-16), Six Characters in Search of ...
    • Festival Playhouse 1999-2000 Season Newsletter 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1999)
      Newsletter for the 1999-2000 Festival Playhouse season, featuring four plays. First, the world premiere of "Return Engagement: Dorothy U. Dalton in Kalamazoo," written by then-Emeritus Nelda K. Balch, directed by Robert ...
    • Festival Playhouse 2006-07 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 2006)
      Mailer for the 2006-07 season of Festival Playhouse, featuring three plays: The Secret Garden, by Marsha Norman and Lucy Simon (directed by Ed Menta and performed from November 9-12, 2006), the Student Playwrighting Festival ...
    • Festival Playhouse 2007-08 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 2007)
      Mailer for the 2007-2008 season of Festival Playhouse. The theme this year was "Just as Well: Seeking Wellness Through the Ties that Bind Us." Plays included Hamlet, by Shakespeare (November 15-18, 2007), Well, by Lisa ...
    • Festival Playhouse 2008-09 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 2008)
      Mailer for the 2008-09 Season of Festival Playhouse. Includes four events: the Senior performance series, for which the plays and directors had not yet been announced (October 30-November 2; February 12-15; April 30-May ...
    • Festival Playhouse 2009-10 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 2009-11-12)
      Mailer for the 2009-10 season of Festival Playhouse. Featured three plays: Rhinoceros, by Eugene Ionesco (November 12-15, 2009), The Gripple of Inishmaan, by Martin McDonagh (February 18-21, 2010), and The Tempest, by ...
    • Festival Playhouse 2010-11 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 2010)
      Mailer for the 2010-11 season of Festival Playhouse. Included three plays: Alison Shields, by Joe Tracz (November 4-7, 2010), Tongue of a Bird, by Ellen McLaughlin (February 17-20, 2011), and The Who's Tommy, by Pete ...
    • Festival Playhouse 2012-13 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 2012)
      Mailer for the 2012-23 Festival Playhouse Season. Features four plays: Titus Andronicus, by Shakespeare (November 1-4), In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) by Sarah Ruhl (February 28-March 3), Into the Woods, by Stephen ...
    • Festival Playhouse 2013-14 Season Mailer 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 2013)
      Mailer for the 2013-13 season of Festival Playhouse, also its 50th season. Includes three plays: A Dream Play, by August Strindberg (November 7-10, 2013), The Firebugs, by Max Frisch (February 27-March 2, 2014), and Peer ...
    • The Firebugs 

      Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1964-08-18)
      Program for the Festival Playhouse production of The Firebugs. Directed by Nelda K. Balch and performed on August 18, 19, 22, and 27 of 1964 in Dalton Theatre.
    • The Firebugs 

      Frutchey, James E. (Kalamazoo College, 1964-08-18)
      The 1964 Festival Playhouse production of Max Frisch's "The Firebugs" was presented by the Kalamazoo College Repertory Company. David Rockhold played the role of Gottlieb Biedermann, Marilyn Ferrara as Anna, Walter Ash ...