Includes programs and photographs related to student organizations, activities, and awards at Kalamazoo College.

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  • Tastes of Asia Cookbook 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1997)
    Tastes of Asia Cookbook featuring recipes like Chinese Steamed Bread-Man Tou, Traditional Style Potato Salad, Samosa, and Meatballs and Rice.
  • Asia Fest Flyer 2008 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 2008-02)
    Flyer for winter quarter Asia Fest 2008
  • Kalamazoo College News Announcement for Asia Fest 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1997)
    This article is from the Kalamazoo College news press page for the 1997 Asia Fest
  • Invitation to Asia Fest 1997 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1997-05-09)
    This invitation was for the Asia Fest event on May 9, 1997
  • Proposed Constitution of the Asian American Students Association 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1991-05-01)
    Original constitution for ASA
  • ASA Open Mic Flyer 2012 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 2012-05-10)
    Flyer advertising open mic event
  • Kelly Tsai Event Flyer 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 2008-05)
    Flyer advertising event with Kelly Tsai as she was planning to have a spoken word performance with poetry, music, and some of Kelly's life experiences.
  • ASA Newsletter Winter 1996 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1996)
    Asian American Students' Association newsletter that includes things like ASA updates, member profiles, and member writings.
  • ASA Newsletter Winter 1995 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1995)
    Asian American Student Association newsletter that includes poetry and student writings and experiences
  • ASA Newsletter Summer 1995 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1995)
    Asian American Students' Association newsletter that includes, "Red Hot Peppers News" and topics like multiculturalism, and interracial dating.
  • ASA Newsletter Spring 1995 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1995)
    Asian Student Association newsletter with student writings and experiences
  • ASA Newsletter May 1994 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1994-05-19)
    Asian American Student Association newsletter with topics like assimilation and Asian American identity
  • ASA Newsletter August 1994 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1994-08-24)
    Asian American Students Association Newsletter discussing issues like Asian stereotypes and student experiences
  • Asian Film Festival flyer 1996 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1996-02)
    Flyer for an ASA film festival event
  • Ponyboi Film Screening Flyer 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 2020)
    Flyer advertising the screening of, "Ponyboi". Sponsored by QTPOCC.
  • QTPOCC flyer 2021 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 2021)
    QTPOCC Flyer with organizational information
  • QTPOCC Mini Flyer 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 2021)
    Mini flyer advertising QTPOCC as a student organization
  • Dabkeh Night Flyer 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 2022-05-17)
    Flyer for Dabkeh night featuring dance lessons.
  • Hookah Night Flyer 2018 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 2018)
    Hookah Night event flyer sponsored by the Arabic club now known as the Arab Student Union
  • Guide to Life at Kalamazoo College 1980 

    Unknown author (kalamazoo college, 1980)
    Guide to life at Kalamazoo College for international students. Includes advice on how to make a phone call, banking, and traveling

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