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  • The Cigarette Embraces Its Feminine Side: 1930s Cigarette Advertising 

    Skrocki, Christopher (2012)
    This study examines the transformation of the cigarette's image during the 1920s. This decade proved to be a period of outstanding social changes across American society, especially for women. Women received the right ...
  • Images of German-Americans During World War I 

    Sigworth, Laura (2012)
    This study will follow a roughly chronological progression through the years of the First World War, beginning toward the end of the first decade of the Twentieth century, and concluding with the immediate aftermath of ...
  • "Sort of Tragic and Serene:" Southern Women and Insanity from 1880 to 1920 

    Baumann, Sarah C. (2012)
    The case files used from the South Carolina Mental Hospital have three stories to be told within their lines. The first story was that of the hospital administrators. The asylum form itself set a certain standard of ...